The Age Old Debate 

A rivalry that has plagued mankind for centuries. A disdain for each other like no other. The level of hatred of these two matches levels like McGregor-Diaz, Sox-Yankees, Bruins-Habs and Rock-Austin. If you have never contemplated this over your lifetime then you have not lived. So here it is, is ketchup or mustard the proper condiment for the hot dog.

You’re probably saying now, Jack why the hell are you talking about this? Hot dogs and sports go hand in hand. Unless you’re a vegan or vegetarian, you have scarfed down dozens upon dozens of these bad larrys. Hot dogs could be the greatest appetizer ever, yeah I eat them as the main course and as an app. But what is the proper topping for the dog. 

So who doesn’t like a good hot dog on a hot summer day. I know recently crowned Stanley Cup Champion Phil Kessel sure doesn’t. Mark Sanchez is also a big fan of the grilled great one. I’d ask what they prefer but I don’t speak to them. 

I have always been a fan of both of these condiments. It just comes down to a simple idea. What gives the dog the better taste. So here’s my answer….mustard. 

Yes, I am a huge fan of mustard. Mustard is the better choice for the grilled masterpiece. The hot dog is perfect with mustard. I feel, now this is my personal opinion, that ketchup overpowers the taste of the food. Ketchup is perfect on a burger, honestly is better on a burger than mustard. But on a hot dog, it just doesn’t take the cake. 

Now you may be asking, Jack have you ever had a hot dog with ketchup? Yeah I have, I had a personal taste test about two days ago. Mustard won, and it won convincingly. Relish didn’t come in second, wasn’t even in third. Ketchup was a good second, but it’s just not the top choice. And if you think a different way then well that’s your opinion and you can kick rocks.

I just took an entire blogpost to explain why I think why the food of America’s pastime is best with mustard. I’m not going to put a poll in here because honestly with my website my rules. So jokes on you guys. 

Maybe I’ll debate the next biggest rivalry, it also involves the hot dog. Hot dogs against burgers could be the next grill fight that I talk about. Why not, it is summer after all and it’s all about grilling and getting schwifty. 


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