NBA Finals Recap: LeBron’s Legacy is Saved

Exactly a week ago today LeBron James began the biggest uphill battle of his career. Down 3-1 to the NBA record setting 73-9 Golden State Warriors, LeBron had to lead his team to three victories, and two of them being in Golden State.

And boy did he deliver.

First it started by LeBron getting tangled up with Draymond Green at the end of Game 4. I whole heartily believe that LeBron purposely started it to try and get Green to attack upon in order to get Green suspended for Game 5. And it worked. Green got involved and was later assessed a technical foul giving him his fourth of the playoffs which warrants a suspension.

LeBron and Kyrie took advantage of Greens absence and each dropped 41 points en route to victory.

Game 6 was more of the same but Green was playing. LeBron was a force, Irving punked Steph, and JR Swish swished. The game led Ayeshea Curry to blow up Twitter and what might have started the downward fall of the worlds greatest family: the Curry’s. Steph was nowhere to be found, fouling out on questionable calls but calls he should’ve been trying to avoid all together. Thompson took an early vacation after his blistering first half in Game 5 so he was nowhere to be seen. And of course my main man Harrison Barnes absolutely stunk up the arena, potentially costing him millions of dollars and plenty of Internet memes (My personal favorite being “If Harrison Barnes shot Tupac, Tupac would still be alive right now”). Iguodala played hurt and Bogut was out but for some reason Steve Kerr kept playing Andersen Varejao when he has two better players in Festus Ezeli and MO Speights on the bench.

With all momentum on the Cavs side we headed to Game 7 last night. This was the opportunity that LeBron needed to save and cement his legacy.

  1. Bring a title to Cleveland, a city that hasn’t won anything in a half century
  2. A chance to be the first time to come back from 3-1 in the Finals
  3. Do that against a team that is looking to become the best team in league history after winning 73 games

And he delivered. If you were looking for that iconic championship winning play look no further than LeBrons block on Iguodala with one minute left. That would’ve given the Warriors the lead but instead the Cavs got the ball back and Kyrie nailed his iconic championship play with a 3 right in Curry’s face. The next possession Curry got Kevin Love on him and he shot him down with a good close out. Gotta feel good for our man K-Love last night, he had a great game and really left it all out there.

The Cavs finished the game and LeBron fulfilled his promise and saved his legacy. Now its time to stop rooting for our usual enemy and get back to #Banner18 Draft Countdown officially begins.

P.S. If LeBron made that dunk on Green at the very end when he “hurt” his wrist, it could’ve been the most posterizing dunk-dagger in basketball history.

in Game 7 of the 2016 NBA Finals at ORACLE Arena on June 19, 2016 in Oakland, California. NOTE TO USER: User expressly acknowledges and agrees that, by downloading and or using this photograph, User is consenting to the terms and conditions of the Getty Images License Agreement.

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