The 116th US Open

Well here we go folks, its the second major of the PGA season, and this time its the US Open. This years event comes to you live from Oakmont Country Club in Plum, Pennsylvania. There are a number of different lines coming into this week, and right now I will take a look at just a couple. I would ask our golf guy to write something up, but hes either on the course or practicing his short game on the side. We all know he probably needs it.

Lets look at Oakmont Country Club’s course to start off. USA Today had an article today, stating that this could be the toughest course that these golfers will ever face. Which got me to wondering about Chambers Bay last year. Whats being said about this course from what I have mostly read about is the crazy fast greens. When legends like Sam Snead, and the man himself Jack Nicklaus have some tough words about the greens, you know they will be tough.

Now the next big line that I have been looking into is the weather. Now as I have seen in the forecasts, the rains are coming and they are coming hard. This is not essentially a bad thing on a course like this. Wetness close to those pins means slower greens. And if you place a shot perfectly on a wet green, the speedy green will be neutralized.

A personal thing for me will be the coverage by FOX. They did an alright job last year with their coverage, and I for one was surprised. If they can have a strong showing again, then the PGA will most certainly take notice. After the lack of Masters coverage, I wouldn’t mind all day coverage of The Masters on FOX Sports 1 in the near future. Joe Buck has grown on me, and I think he could be the hidden gem announcer. The big problem with them was tracking the ball, if they can get a hold on that then I think they will be alright.

Now to the actual golfers. One seasoned vet is looking for that elusive first US Open win, that is right good ole Phil Mickelson. I always pull for Phil, hes been my favorite golfer since I was a mere lad. But I don’t think its his time to win it, he will win it one day but I will say its not his year.

Lots of people are taking Jordan Spieth, but I am not looking at a possible repeat for Jordo. After his tantrums at The Masters, I don’t know if he has the maturity that is needed for a course like this. Listen, I am a fan of Spieth, but there comes a time in a young mans life where he needs to have a grip on his emotions. Re-watch his final round of The Masters, there was no grip there. He does have a shot to win it, but I am not picking him to.

I am not going to lie, my pick could have been Tiger Woods if he returned, solely based off the story and the legend of Eldrick Woods. But no Tiger, so that is about all I have for him.

Who do I really want to win this tournament? I always pull for Phil like I said, but when it really comes down to it I don’t know who I want. I’ve been really high up on Jimmy Walker and Kevin Kisner lately. But I am a huge fan of Matt Kuchar, this tournaments are too tough for me to pick. Truth be told, it could be the first major win for Dustin Johnson. I am making no pick. Spieth, Day and Rory should be in the mix, and god oh please god do not let Bubba be in contention.

Sit back in your recliners and get ready for a Father’s Day Weekend full of golf. It is sure to be an exciting one!


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