Don’t Worry We Didn’t Forget About Lord Stanley

So for the last few days, I have badgered Uncle Rico for the Stanley Cup reaction post. And in true Uncle Rico fashion, I was left here twiddling my thumbs and waiting for a post. So instead of sitting around, I did what the GM had to do, and unleash my own hot takes. Be ready because these takes are absolutely sizzling.

Crosby gets his second Cup as a Penguin, and well as much as I hate to give him credit, he truly deserves it. The man is an absolute beast, and is arguably the best player in the entire world. Along with that ring, he gets the Conn Smythe. I don’t know if he necessarily deserves it, but he got his due. I will say that behind the net pass to Kris Letang, who found twine in the 2nd(the eventual GWG), was sweet.

For a guy like Matt Murray, this is a dream come true. This guy was never supposed to be in this situation, but he did what he had to do. And what he had to do was play like an absolute savage. He gave us, what I thought, to be a Conn Smythe winning performance. But well he did not get that award, but what he will be getting is a big, fat paycheck. Murray has played his way into a starting role, and has basically ran Marc-Andre Fleury right out of Pittsburgh.

The HBK line for me was the major difference maker. I said from the moment that Carl Hagelin walked into the Penguin locker room, that this team was going places. He was a spark-plug to the glory. He gelled with Bonino and Kessel perfectly, which bodes well for the NCAA. Three NCAA hockey players making a major difference in a Stanley Cup final, some one can tell the scouts to shove it about the Junior hockey players now.

For Joe Thornton and San Jose, you had a chance after tying the game. But they just couldn’t capitalize on the momentum. Pittsburgh knew a thing or two about that the entire postseason. The Sharks learned the hard-way, they will have to roll with the changes. But with Martin Jones in goal, the sky is the limit for San Jose. Got to say, they were in almost every game to the final whistle. They just were a two steps behind the Pens at every seem of the game.

Hockey is now over….But wait! The World Cup of Hockey is just a few months away. But it aligns with the season so maybe I am over dramatic when it comes to this. Until then, I will end this like I always do with hockey, B’s in 1!


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