Mega-Deal For Number 91

The number 91 has become one of my favorite numbers as an Eagles fan. Why you may ask? Because of a man named Fletcher Cox. Cox is a top 5 defense lineman is the game. And on Tuesday night, well Fletch, you sir got your paycheck.

6 more years and $103 million in the city of Brotherly Love for the big man out of Mississippi State. A first round pick that Eagle fans didn’t know too much about. But now after a few years, Cox is arguably one of the most loved players in the organization. He even has analysts saying that he could be the best Eagles defensive player since Brian Dawkins. That’s pretty good company to be in if you ask me!

Cox had a career year last season with 9.5 sacks. He also had a career high in tackles and forced fumbles. This dude is a monster in that Eagle defensive front. And now with the new system, Cox could be looking at an even bigger year. Could be? He will be in for another huge and monster year, he likes the system, so that as they would say is that.

Cox had some memorable games last season. I got to see him eat Brady alive in Foxboro and that was pretty cool. Another huge game was his three sack performance against the Saints. Cox was a man on a mission that day, and literally could not be stopped. Or when he rumbled, bumbled and stumbled into the end zone against Jacksonville, recovering a fumble and running it like 18 yards. God I love this guy!

6 more years, I cannot wait. Hey maybe with that, it could lead the Eagles to the promise land. Well we are far away from football, but I can’t help but dance with myself over this deal.

So as the old adage reads….

Fly Eagles Fly

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