The Good Coaches: Whose #1?

Nice guys don’t always finish last my friends, you think I’d forget about the good coaches right? Well per usual, I didn’t, I am the king. But enough of my gloating and let’s get down to business. I’m no fan of the good guy coach, but these guys always did something right in my book.

**DISCLAIMER** No don’t expect to see that big jerk Gordon Bombay on this list. There are a number of reasons why he’s a turd in the punch bowl. Trust me, there’s a barstool article that I could reference but the list never ends. Bombay is a dink, plain and simple. **END DISCLAIMER**

5.Jimmy McGinty(The Replacements)- Jimmy McGinty coaches a team of scrubs, a team with no hope to a playoff berth. He coaches Keanu Reeves’s character Shame Falco, a washed up choke artist to one last chance of glory. I’ll tell you this, I will at least say that Gene Hackman’s role here is one of the more memorable ones on the list. But not the most, he does give a very awesome speech, and deals with a cast of characters. His Washington Sentinels squad got the job done, and I thank him for that.

4.Reggie Dunlop(Slapshot)- Nothing quite beats a player/coach, but I have this one at 4. Paul Newman’s Reggie Dunlop is arguably the greatest hockey player/coach ever (maybe the only one too). He coaches a solid team of goons. Especially with those pesky Hanson brothers, you just love this guy. He does what he needs to to get by, especially with the chance of the Chiefs moving out of Charleston.

3.Morris Buttermaker(Bad News Bears)- This is the classic deadbeat guy pulled off the streets to coach a Little League team. Wait a minute….Now this could never happen in the present day, but it was the 70’s so basically anything was possible. And he takes this rag tag group of youngsters all the way to the championship game. Those Bears were an out away from winning it all, just didn’t pan out though. But I bet the next season, Buttermaker was able to take them to the promise land.

2.Tony D’Amato(Any Given Sunday)-
Al Pacino coaching a professional football team is a must see movie. This line, ” And, either we heal – now! – as a team! Or we will die as individuals. That’s football guys.That’s all it is”, is a line that I will always remember. D’Amato is a bold and brash individual, who has lost everything near and dear to him. His Miami Sharks team, is a squad filled with drama. So who better than Pacino for this role, I’ll answer that no one. I watch this movie a week before the Eagles opener every year. And I get chills when he says “and that’s the difference between living and dying” during his iconic speech.

1..Mickey Goldmill(Rocky)- The GREATEST coach/mentor/old guy ever. I grew up watching Rocky, and from the moment I saw him, Mickey became one of my heroes. “You’re gonna eat lightnin’ and you’re gonna crap thunder,” is easily one of the best lines in movie history. If you don’t cry when Mick passes away, then you have no soul. I’ve seen every single Rocky movie and I gotta say I feel empty without Mick in anything past Rocky 3. He made Rocky the boxer and champion he was. And he taught us the valuable lesson the women weaken legs, a lesson every man should keep close to their heart. He is the best, plain and simple. There is no discussion, no football, baseball, hockey or basketball coach can come close to Mick. You’re wrong in every sense of the word if you try to argue it too.

Honorable Mention
Mr. Miyagi(Karate Kid)
Chester Lee (Lady Bugs)
Phil Weston(Kicking and Screaming)
Jackie Moon(Semi-Pro)
Phil Brikma(Rookie Of the Year)
Danny O’Shea(The Little Giants)

So that’s it, case close. That’s my list and well that’s all I got for now!


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