The Beast IS BACK

UFC 200 was looking like a let down. It was looking like the occasional PPV, that we see every few weeks. Then last Saturday night, the promotional video was released, and it featured one of the most controversial figures in combat sports history. “Do you see me now???”

Holy Toledo!!!! BROCK LESNAR IS COMING BACK TO THE OCTAGON! Also is this now the chance that Dana White and Vince McMahon could become business associates? I don’t want to speculate too much but that would certainly be unreal. That could mean some UFC stars in the squared circle in the future. CM Punk has to be shaking in his boots now, jokes on that guy.

Brock Lesnar is a polarizing figure, he made an immediate impact in the UFC from the moment he stepped in the octagon. He is a dude with straight up knockout power, but if he forces you to the ground, it could also be over. I am super stoked about the chance to see Brock fight one more time.

The man fighting The Beast, goes by the name of Mark Hunt. The “Super Samoan” has straight up KO power, that how all of his wins have come. I LOVE this matchup for both guys. Hunt wins this, and I will say throw him a title shot. Lesnar is a dude who could catapult Hunts seasoned career into super-stardom.

Is this fight seriously making me order the event? Oh you bet it is. I have always loved Brock Lesnar, and have been very high on Mark Hunt. I hope they absolutely destroy each other. I really cannot see this fight getting out of the first round, and that is something everyone can enjoy.

So let me leave you with Joe Rogan and Mike Goldberg reacting to this. I will have a more detailed breakdown later this month of the entire event.



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