May ’16 Match of the Month-Chris Jericho vs Shawn Michaels- WWE Wrestlemania 19


A feud that stated at the 2003 Royal Rumble (my very first live ppv) Shawn michaels was the number one entrant to that years main event which the dream of headline yet another WrestleMania, but was attacked from behind by the second entrant Chris Jericho, who with the help of Captain Charisma himself: Christian, would brutally attack HBK with a steel chair before tossing him over. Jericho would then last an impressive thirty eight minutes, only to be attacked mid match by Shawn Michaels who helped Tests of all people to eliminate Jericho. The next night on raw Jericho called out Michaels and explained to him that the reason for him for wanting to become a pro wrestler was all because he wanted to “be Shawn Michaels”, having the same heart and desire, even being called the next Shawn Michaels early in his early. Jericho then says that he needed to focus on becoming the “first Chris Jericho”. After a few weeks of attacking various superstars and divas (oh, creative…) y2j bloodied Michaels with a chair shot and stated he wanted to end HBKs career at WrestleMania. HBK would accept this challenge by delivering on of his most memorable sweet chin music’s on the Raw is War stage.


The Match

It’s the first of many classic encounters between the two legends of wrestling and it’s the only time they wrestled at WrestleMania against each other. The match was the longest at WrestleMania going just over 22 minutes, but its twenty-two minutes of greatness. Going into this there was a lot of hype because it was Michaels’ WrestleMania return and to this point Jericho hadn’t had a classic match at WrestleMania, so it was big for both guys. They delivered the goods as far as I’m concerned, they put on an amazing display of pro wrestling of making believable nearfalls, timing everything perfectly well and putting on a great display of counter wrestling. I do have a problem with the fact that Jericho worked on Michaels’ back quite a bit early, then it kind of stopped and he didn’t sell it as much as he probably should have. The back injury was the key story going in and it was the big reason why Michaels got so much sympathy babyface heat. I would have liked an even longer Walls of Jericho sequence at the end. The finish with Michaels beating him with a cradle instead of the Sweet Chin Music was cool because it let us know that a big match like this could end at any time. There was A lot of classic and memorable moments throughout the match and great commentary from Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler.


-Jericho reversing a dropkick intot he walls of jerocho on the outside,

-Jericho working over HBK’s injured back by ramming him into the turnbuckle post.

-HBK skinning the cat and taking Jericho to the outside via head scissors and following it up with a plancha.

-Jerry Lawler comparing jericho/hbk to a young lion stepping up and taking over for older lion.

-Jericho this a flying forearm on HBK and kips up to mock hbk signature, but hbk kips up behind jericho and clobbers Jericho.

-Jericho hits a beautiful Northern lights Suplex on Michaels.

-Y2j hits HBK with his own version of sweet chin music but adds his own rockstar shuffle to it.

-Jericho sets up Michaels for a back suplex from the top turnbuckle but HBK reverses it midair into a cross body.


The Finish- Shawn Michaels gets the win following a rollup on jericho failed attempt at a back suplex. After the match, jericho offered a handshake to Michaels and they hugged in the middle of the ring, before Jericho low blowed Michaels.

Overall this is a great match but if you want to see a classic between Y2J and HBK, their iconic ladder match for the World Heavyweight Championship at 2008’s edition of the No Mercy payperview.

4 stars.




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