Red Hot Sox

When you think of this year’s Boston Red Sox, you think of youth and Big Papi. Well who is contributing the most for this team right now? YOUTH AND BIG PAPI. 

When I say youth I’m talking about two men in particular. Xander Bogaerts and Jackie Bradley JR. Impressively, both have multi game hit streaks. When I say multi, that’s taking it very lightly. Bogaerts (.346) alone had a 17 game hit streak in which he leads the team in hits. However, JBJ (.342) may have him beat by 11 games. Yes, you read that right. Jackie Bradley has a 28 game hitting streak now and is half way to the record. Both men have been tearing the cover off the ball and look to continue their success in the field and at the dish.

The retirement tour like no other. David Ortiz, has been playing maybe the best baseball of his career. Second in the majors in runs batted in, batting .333, with 11 homers, Ortiz is another man on a tear. Ortiz came in the clutch early last night, singling to score 2 off the Rockies starter. 

These three men are leading the Sox on the right track and continue to look for success for themselves and Boston. 

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