Trying to Foresee the Rest of the NBA Finals

The NBA playoffs are reaching the top of the mountain as we are closing in on the halfway mark of the Conference Finals. LeBron’s Cavaliers seemed to be in complete control of their series versus the Toronto Raptors but Lowry/Derozan and company came out to play in the 6 last night. Game 3 for the defending champs and OKC just tipped off with a tied series, 1-1.

I predicted the Cavs to win to 2- 3 games, yes technically impossible but I thought the Raptors might just give up. But they showed some true fight and took control of the boards, thanks to Bismack Biyombo’s 26 rebounds. He had 20 rebounds before he even scored his first point. I think that game came down more to the Cavs just missing shots. Love was 1-9 and Kyrie Irving was 3-19 and LeBron got assaulted en route to a pretty solid game for him. Maybe they needed to lose before facing either the Thunder or Warriors to get it out of their system. Not worried about them at all. Cavs in 5.

As for the Western Conference Finals I said Warriors in 7. I really like the Thunder but too even have the slightest chance of wooing Durant to Boston, OKC has to lose. Hopefully in 7 to keep us entertained. But from a basketball standpoint I believe the Warriors can get it done in 7. Durant and Westbrook are good enough alone to grab another two wins but this Golden State team is too good. The fact you can take the MVP of the league off the team and still win playoff games is just ridiculous. No team can match their depth and length across the board. When you see the lineup with Draymond Green and Harrison Barnes as their two big guys, you know a big run is coming. GSW in 7.

That leaves us with a Cavs-Warriors rematch in the finals. This time the Cavs (hopefully, knock on wood) will be at full strength. Both teams are deep and loaded with shooters. I hope every game in 130-129. Cavs should be well rested, which could prove to be a huge difference, but they also haven’t had to deal with being down in a series or facing real adversity. The Thunder and Warriors are significantly better than any in the Eastern Conference. Cavs in 6. Lebron-James-with-NBA-Trophy.jpg

Its finally time for something good to happen to Cleveland and the King will finally deliver.

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