The Summer Preview

Hello avid B-Ship readers!

With the summer coming and the school year at a close. I thought I would let you know what exactly is going on with the site.

Let me begin.

Our staff right now is a smaller one. Chris, Tommy, Kyle, Uncle Rico, Hacksaw, Tom and I are the writers. If you have interest in writing for the site, please feel free to shoot me an email. Send a sample piece along with it, and I’ll read it and then maybe we can figure something out.

Next order of business, we are considering re-launching the podcast idea. We have two in mind right now. But want to do some sort of poll or contest. I don’t know what the winner would get but hey it would be pretty cool!

We are mulling over the idea of a t-shirt and hat combo. We are looking for a business partner in that. So if there are people out there that are interested, let this guy know.

I appreciate every reader, and there voices have been heard with a lot of the sites content. Just trying to get the #BrotherShipMovement in full force again!!

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