The Lottery Sucks

I’m not one who usually complains about stuff. Who am I kidding I rarely go through a day without 30-40 complaints. What’s my gripe about today? The NBA draft lottery as a whole. Now I don’t usually talk basketball, that’s Tom McGoverns job. But this systems has to be the dumbed in all of sports.

For Celtics fans, last night could have been called the “Porking of the Ping Pong balls”. Yeah we got number 3, and I honestly don’t get it. But the fact of the matter is, this lottery system is stupid. The tanking in the NBA may be the worst tank system in all of sports.

I’m actually surprised Philly got the 1 pick. Usually something happens and Cleveland is picking in this spot(David Stern job), or many believed it would have been Minnesota or LA. But somehow some way Philly is in the spot of 1.

I’ve listened to sports radio the last few days and agree something needs to change. But what exactly can they do?

Eliminate the idea that record has to do with it could be one way. The bottom 6 or so, have equal amount of chance to pick at the 1 position. It virtually eliminates the whole “oh they have more ping pong balls” conversation.

The other way is have a rotating system. Where a new team selects at 1 ever year, kind of like a snake draft. But the Sixers and other bottom feeders of the world will never allow that to happen. But this way could also be feasible.

This is why I complain. Stupid draft systems and lotteries like this just bother me. David Stern ruined basketball, let’s hope Adam Silver finds someway to fix it.


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