Ready For Letdown at 200

Sitting here today got me to thinking about the MMA world once again. As a huge fan of the sport, I don’t really understand the rationale of not have a McGregor-less UFC 200. Here are my reasons why this event won’t be as good as expected.

Like I already said, there is not Conor McGregor, which could mean there is no Nate Diaz. Diaz and McGregor were going to give us a one to remember. But because Conor and Dana decided to have their own personal complaint festival, we were deprived of the rematch. This could have been the biggest rematch in the history of MMA. But no, and now we are probably waiting till UFC 201 or 204 to get it. THANKS A LOT GUYS!!

Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier II, has potential. But if it is anything like the first one, then it will surely be a hype-fest and then a boring wrestling match. These two really need to stand toe to toe and slug it out. Instead of they will be trying for takedown after takedown, making for a boring main event, good god not another one of those.

Frankie Edgar and Jose Aldo is a matchup that lacks fireworks. Two guys I would have loved to see fight 3 years ago (and they did) may give us an emotionless rematch. They fought to a Fight of The Night reward, but I really don’t see that this time around. Hope they prove me wrong, especially Aldo, this guy still cannot get McGregor out of his head.

Dana White screwed up the Women’s Bantamweight match, and he screwed that up big time. It should have been Ronda Rousey or Holly Holm fighting Miesha Tate. But no, he gave the fight to someone else, what in the hell is he thinking doing that. I am not a fight booker, but even I know that at your biggest event you need to have a big fight in every division. And to tell you the truth, I do not think that this is anywhere close to it.

The undercard has some potential. But it won’t be able to save the maincard. This card needed McGregor-Diaz II. It didn’t need it, but it yearned for it. Hopefully these two fight soon, either in Boston or New York. They will sell out any arena they are assigned to. Its just that easy.

Let us just hope that this once, that we won’t be let down. But the chances of that not happening are slim to none.


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