Whelp, thank God thats over.

After erasing Atlanta’s 2-0 series lead the Celtics dropped an absolute dud on us in game 5.

The game started off slow, as neither team could hit shots, mostly due to each team really getting after it on defense. After a few made shots by Marcus Smart and Jae Crowder the Celtics actually had a ten point lead early in the second quarter.

This series has been a never ending flow of teams sharing  8-0, 10-0 runs and Atlanta did just that. But the Celtics didn’t respond. Atlanta headed into the half with an 8 point lead and never looked back scoring 42 points in the third and down right embarrassing the Celtics.

Atlanta simply could not miss, lead by role players Kent Bazemore and Mike Scott the Hawks were on fire. With two studs in the front court, Millsap and Horford, and two point guards that get into the paint with ease in Teague and Schroder you cannot let the other guys get it going cause they are all microwaves. When they heat up, they are tough to beat. And Atlantas best shooter, Kyle Korver, was relatively kept in check.

This game for the Celtics came down to turnovers, as they turned it over 20 times. That lead to 19 fast break points and many open three pointers. Thats what the Celtics do to other teams, not what other teams should be doing to the Celtics.

Heading into Game Six one thing for sure needs to be fixed: Isaiah Thomas. He wasn’t good yesterday but the team didn’t help him. Atlanta sent two, sometimes three guys at him. Others need to step up, make plays and find ways to get him open. Get Isaiah going again gets everyone more involved in the game, defense collapse and guys fein off his energy. Nothing gets the Garden going than an Isaiah pull up three on the break. Too many “ITTT FOR 3″ from PA announcer Eddie P. Cheers.

Celtics in 7

box score.png



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