99 Problems and Sam Bradford Is 1

Months ago, I was rip, roaring and ready to go with Sam Bradford at the helm of the Eagles next season. But someone got a bit upset when the Birds went out and traded for the number 2 pick. Hey Sam, newsflash it’s called being a mentor, try it sometime. But here we go with the off-field antics once again.

Sammy B hated that we went out to get the 2 so we could get Wentz or Goff. Well Sam, you haven’t played a full season in god knows how long. So all I am going to say to you is, suck it up, we overpaid you and you are kind of getting your due. Listen he is a decent QB, but this crying and complaining is just unnecessary.

If Bradford wants out, then you have to get a little something extra for him. Ideally Denver is knocking at the door with muffins right out of the oven. If you could squeeze not only the 31st pick but a second round pick in there too would be key. Bradford is a multiple pick guy, if you can get two high quality picks for him then bang we got a deal here.

San Fran could be a team that could do a deal with. But let me be realistic here, Howie isn’t dealing with Chip. Plain and simple.

The one other team I could see making a move at Sam Bradford is the Jets. The Jets are strapped against the cap, but I think Bradford could fit there. Again it would be a swapping picks thing. Probably would only be able to get the first or a second and third from them. But I think the Jets would improve with Bradford over Fitzy.

A dark horse team to come at Bradford in my god’s honest opinion is New England. With that Brady suspension, and the unsureness surrounding Jimmy G, Sam could be a good fit.  He would probably only play the 4 games then be done, and knowing Bill, he could ship him out as he pleases. But the Eagles would have to eat a huge chunk of that salary. That’s why they are called the “dark horse”, so all the Patriot yahoos reading this can calm down now.

Alright Bird fans, we got a few days before the draft. Moves may or may not happen. But I know we are getting a rookie QB. And Bradford did report today. So the plot only thickens from here. But as always.

Fly Eagles Fly.


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