Ice On The Sunset Strip?

So over the past few days, I have begun to get more and more excited about the future NHL franchise out in Sin City. If you live under a rock and didn’t know, Sin City is Las Vegas. Vegas is most likely getting a hockey team, and it’s just going to be unreal. No idea the name or where they will place exactly but the possibilities are endless.

Let’s throw them right on the strip, throw them somewhere where people will be able to see them and get right into games. Vegas is one of the greatest places on earth, and if a hockey team thrives there, it could help give the NHL a new look. A look that could bring them back to the era of hockey that got Americans involved and ratings high. Hey maybe ESPN will get involved too.

I am hearing that the name the Black Knights will probably be the moniker for this ballclub. Truth be told, I really like that. As for the logo, you have to incorporate the knight, the sword, the shield and the horse. That could be overkill, but knight and sword has to be on there somehow. I have also heard that they could be the Gamblers, Rat Pack or Dealers. The colors will most likely be the same as the ones similar to the US Army, which would be black, gold and I believe gray, very cool but may be a bit to close to the Bruins colors, so Black may be the overpowering color they need.

As for minor league clubs concern, I would not be upset if they moved that team to Springfield, Mass. Springfield has had a rich hockey heritage over the past number of years. And there have been talks of a casino in the area, so why no incorporate it somehow into being the minor league club.

Coaching, always a key component of any franchise, the names I have penned here both coached Tampa Bay back in the day. Those names being Guy Boucher and John Tortorella. The fiery attitude of Torts is something to bring into consideration, and I can guarantee he won’t be in Columbus much longer. Boucher looks like a pit boss, and it would be cool to have him there, maybe have him coach alongside Tortorella.

Looks like the team will be coming through in the 2017-2018 year and will be a Western Conference team. Meaning they will most likely play in the Pacific division. That means they would get teams like Los Angeles, San Jose and Anaheim. That’s a tough division with some teams with bad attitudes. This is going to make for some great hockey over the next few years, and I am extremely excited to see what happens.

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