The Persistent Celtics Have Their Backs Against The Wall Once Again 


The Celtics are back in the playoffs once again after another successful season. The rebuild is way ahead of schedule in Boston as the Celtics are the 5th seed in the Eastern Conference and that seed could’ve easily gone up to number 3 if the Celtics got a few lucky bounces, but a 5 seed in the East is nothing to be disappointed about. The Green and White are only three years removed from the blockbuster Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce trade to the Brooklyn Nets and the C’s are already overachieving on their expectations. A team that many believed would be out of the playoffs and in the lottery for many years to come is now poised to make some noise in the postseason.


This Celtics team is one of the most fascinating teams we have seen in sports for quite some time. Boston seems to be the location of the island of misfit toys for NBA players that are able to re-energize their careers and join a team of grinders that outwork the competition night in and night out. This has been the mantra for the Celtics throughout the season and they look to continue this trend in the postseason.


 Now, here we sit, down 0-1 in the first round of the NBA playoffs to the Atlanta Hawks. On the road, losing their starting shooting guard, Avery Bradley, in Game 1, a banged up shoulder for Kelly Olynyk, and an Atlanta Hawks team that has won 4 out of the 5 games they have played against the Celtics this season. How could the Celtics face more adversity than this?

I don’t know if the could if they tried, but if there’s one team that can get through this type of adversity, then it’s the Boston Celtics. This is a team that never quits and even when they seem down and out, they always find a way back into the game. I expect nothing different for the rest of the series against the Atlanta Hawks. This series will be a tough one, going 6 or 7 games, but a series that I expect the Celtics to win. They will find a way and show their resilience to finally win a series after the Big 3 Era.   

Celtics in 6.



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