Bryce To Boston?

I was sitting there Friday afternoon, playing NHL 16 and listening to the great Jake Owen. When it finally dawned on me, Bryce Harper could be part of the Boston Red Sox in the next few years. Woah, wouldn’t that be a sight.

Alright Harper’s got a contract coming up the same time around A-Rods retirement. So that means the highest bidder aka the Bronx Bombers will be looking more at Harp. But I don’t think he lands there. I think his ideal landing place is Boston, with a cast of characters.

You put Harper in Boston with David Price and you have that ace-stud duo that hasn’t been apparent in years. Add him to an outfield with JBJ and Mookie too, one word comes to mind. Unreal. The three could be the new big 3 in Boston. Yeah I like the sound of that.

Is this all a pipe dream? Oh you bet your behind it is. But imagine having the face of the MLB here in Boston. We could be the new version of the Yankees. The Bostonians saying “Yo bro, you see Hahpah go yahd?” Man I am excited about the potential, this is going to be such a letdown.

Bryce Harper will be in Boston, either in New York or with us. Not a chance he stays in Washington. He and his attitude need the bright lights and big city. Why not make that city Boston? Come on Bryce, come to Fenway.


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