2 Stud Catching Prospects: Somethings Got To Give

As seen the other day, Christian Vasquez was activated from the DL and that made the Sox make a move. As a result, they sent down Blake Swihart to triple-A Pawtucket.

So this is raise the question who is going to be the clubs number 1 catcher for years to come?

Both Dombrowski and Farrell say they love both guys and that both could be everyday catchers. However, something has to give. Rumors have surfaced that down in triple A, Swihart will start taking fly balls in left field.
As a die hard fan, I actually love this move if and only if Blake can make this transition. He is an very good athlete with a very good bat so Boston does need to find a spot for him. So if he can learn to play left, I love this move.
I would chose Vasquez as the number 1 guy because of his ability to call a game and gun runners out (as long as his arm has healed right after Tommy-John Surgery). But I do love what Swihart has done. 


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