Failure Again, Pain And Simple

Hall and Oates once played a song entitled “She’s Gone”. Like the woman in that song, the Bruins playoff chances are gone. A season of ups and downs finished Saturday with an embarrassing 6-1 defeat to Ottawa. Let the anger and depression set in.

I place a lot of the blame on the front office, NOT coaching. Don Sweeney came in and said things would change. He made those changes at the draft, but not at the deadline. That’s a big mistake in my eyes, you had the chance to pick up a top 4 d-man, and you blew it. You got John-Michael Lilles, but that wasn’t nearly enough. Stempniak was also an alright pick up, but again didn’t make the right moves.

I will say it, Saturday’s loss cannot be put on Julien. It’s not his fault that the Bruins looked uninspired during the 2nd and 3rd stanzas. He did his job, but sadly it may be time to move on from Claude. It’ll be a huge mistake, but what else is new.

Thursday, we all thought Boston was in and had control over their own destiny. Well we were all totally wrong. They didn’t and it showed the flaw in the system. Doesn’t make sense to anyone that head to head isn’t the first tie-breaker. Just a big fat complaint that I’ve had with the system for years, needs to change. But that wasn’t the problem in the end.

The defense flat out stunk on Saturday. Sweeney needs to sit down and figure out the problem. Chara and Seidenberg need to step away, retire or be moved. Kevan Miller is awful, kid had promise a few years back. That all changed with the injury, he hasn’t been the same. Krug and McQuaid are too inconsistent, if they want to be the top pairing they need to do something. I’ll say I really like what I am seeing in Colin Miller, Zach Trotman and Joe Morrow. These 3 are going to be top 6 guys in 2-4 years, I’m seeing it.

7 million dollars a year, and Tuukka Rask COULDN’T AFFORD A FLU SHOT!!! I’m not blaming Tuukka for the loss. But not having him killed the Bruins. I love Tuukka Rask, and I think he is the guy to be in that net. He’s a top 5 goalie in the NHL. Rask needs to step up next season and in a big way. Not mad Tuukka, I’m just disappointed.

Rookies are coming up next year, and vets are on their way out.  It’s time for a youth movement in Boston. Griffith, Czarnik, Vatrano, Zboril, Senshyn and whoever else we can get up here. Get the young bloods in the lineup. Lets get speed with Krecji and Bergy. I’m telling you that will aid their career numbers if they had young guys next to them. Look at when Pasta and Krecji played together, young guy and a seasoned vet. Dynamic, that’s what we need to do.

Well I’m hopping on the Blackhawk bandwagon again. Lots of fun last time around and well might as well go there again. But we got a few months till the draft, and a lotto pick. Lets hope we make something out of it.


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