My Football Fandom

Dear fellow friends and football fans,

They’re something I need to get off my chest. To all of you who continually call me a “closeted Patriots fan”, I will put you to rest with those asinine comments. I am in no way, shape or form a New England Patriots fan. I am a fan of the Birds in the midnight green from Philadelphia. I am sick and tired of being called these names and now have a platform to share my opinion.

First off, I will give the Patriots credit; they’re a top franchise in football. But when you continually throw the idea, “They hate us cuz they ain’t us” at the other fans of the NFL, chances are we are going to hate you just because you sound dumb.  That has to be the stupidest phrase out there, I really hate it.

The Patriot fan attitude is something else that I really, really despise. The idea, “that the New England Patriots do everything perfect. Wait a second…perfect…where has that come from before? Oh yeah 18-1, 18-1. If you were perfect, 19-0 would be your record every year! Tom Brady wouldn’t have a single loss in his career if you did everything perfect! Enough with the perfect crap, you aren’t perfect, even Hannah Montana realized that.

If my moment in the sun, as an Eagle fan came when I walked into Gillette Stadium on December 6th 2015, the day the Pats lost their home field advantage. Did I wear my authentic Michael Vick alternate black number 7 jersey to Gillette Stadium? You bet I did. Did Patriots fans despise me from the opening kickoff until the Keshawn Martin drop? Oh they absolutely did. Pats fans kept saying to me “2004, 2004”, yeah I know we lost to you in 04. MOVE ON FROM IT WE GET IT.

The only time I will root for New England is when they play Seattle, Dallas or the Giants. Anyone else in the league, maybe not Indy, will have me rooting for them when they play New England. I don’t hate Tom Brady, I respect him. I hate Bill Belicheck in press conferences, answer the questions or don’t answer them; I really don’t want these half ass answers. I hate Malcolm Butler, he cost me money on opening night, stud corner my ass, guy can’t cover in the final 10 seconds.

So to my friends who will continually say that I am a closeted Pats fans, you can take those words and shove it. I will not root for those jerks, the only way you get my allegiance is if they have a -7.5 line on them. Oh and have fun suing Goddell, deflategate really got into your heads huh? Bunch of jamokes if you ask me.

Cheers and Love,

“The Skipper” Jack Corsi


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