WWE WrestleMania 32 Preview and Predictions


WrestleMania 32 preview


The showcase of immortal is upon the WWE universe as WrestleMania 32 takes place live from AT&T stadium, Home of “America’s Team”; the Dallas Cowboys. WrestleMania has been described as the “SuperBowl of pro wrestling”, usually serving as the final showdown to settle rivalries and feuds, and this year there is a lot to be settled and to be proved, nearly every champion who reigned supreme at last year’s WrestleMania has been sidelined with injuries (Cesaro, Rollin, Bryan,Cena, NikkiBella, the list goes on….Randy Orton I miss you.) WWE has managed to put together a very interesting lineup of matches, and the WWE universe should be in for an entertaining night of “sports entertainment.”


Here’s a look at the scheduled WrestleMania 32 card. I don’t know which matches are on the WrestleMania Kick-Off, if any to be honest.


 20160307_WM32-keyart_MATCH_KalistoRyback_1920x1080--983d76314f9262b3c351e91fbcefe253 (1)

Kalisto vs Ryback- United States Championship match

Being the resident high flyer luchador, Kalisto will put on a very fast paced attack against a heavy hitting Ryback who has shown significant improvement since his debut in 2012, when he was a “Squash-a-holic” I always enjoy watching smaller vs bigger guys (ReyJR vs KevinNash, ReyJr vs The Giant, even HBK vs Sid) so this should be a fast hard hitting contest with Ryback taking the title away from Kalisto. With the title, lets hope Ryback gets a solid push, minding he doesn’t injure anyone along the way.


Team Total Divas vs Team Blonde.

Poor Emma. You deserve so much more. At first this was supposed to be Brie vs Lana, but then the rest of the divas not named Sasha, Charlotte and Becky, were added to the match. Oh yeah and Eva Marie is in this one…… I don’t care about this match at all. Of course the TotalDivas win.


The Usos vs Those Damn Dudleys

Despite the unexpected force known as The NewDay, the uso are still a favorable tag team in WWE. Ive been satisfied with the Dudleys reunion run in wwe, but I feel they are on the verge of going separate ways, with hopes of Bully Ray emerging within BubbaRay. Looking forward to this match, however I do believe that the Usos will win this match and step closer to tag team gold once again.


Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal

Its very interesting for WWE to host a battle royal with a limited roster, so this may be the least lackluster battleroyal in WrestleMania history, (that’s counting the Gimmick Battle Royal which ending was “facking Bullsheet”) WWE could bring back a few names who have been off-screen for a little while (RobVanDamn was at the Hall of Fame last night) or even call up a few nxt stars (Samoa joe, the vaudevillians, even Finny Balor) but I really hope Cesaro shows up and wins his second ATG title, but knowing that big men usually win battle royals, Braun Strowman is a favorite. Also expect the Social Rejects to be the first five elimated, sorry guys


The NewDay vs The League of Nations in a “Battle for Supremacy”

I don’t understand why this match is being called a “battle for Supremacy” when Newday has beaten all combinations of the League of nations leading up to WrestleMania, but here we are. I fully expect the New Day to reign supreme over the heels. WWE booking realized that Sheamus and DelRio weren’t on the WrestleMania card so they made this match. I see this as an end to this feud and hope that newer tag teams get called up and bringing some fresh blood into a stagnant tag team division. The highlight is hoping the NewDay gets an entertaining an unforgettable ring entrance…. Unicorns, anyone?


AJ Styles vs Chris Jericho, baby!!!

Chris Jericho and Aj Style are both extraordinary wrestlers who will guarantee put on a five star classic on Sunday. Jericho always seems to get the storylines where he gets jealous of another superstar, he did it with “GreenBerg” in 98, with HHH in ’00 and HBK in 2003, so him being jealous of Styles doesn’t surprise me. Styles however, should be getting his WrestleMania treatment as this is his first, so I expect him to take the victory when this legendary spot filled match is over.


The Six Man Ladder Match for the IC title.

A WrestleMania tradition is the ladder match, first introduced in the legendary match for the Intercontinental  championship at WrestleMania X between Shawn Michaels and Razor Ramon. This match will keep with the tradition of exciting and jaw dropping moments. All six of the competitors have it in them to shine brighter than the rest and this very much could be the show stealer.

Sami Zayn just wrestled in the greatest match in nxt history (more on that later) he is insanely popular and has a work ethic to boot. If he is called up to the roster, making him look golden in this title opportunity. He does have a very good shot at winning this match but I see Kevin Owens in the end regaining. I do hope wish that Zack Ryder does get the win. The guy really deserves it, his work ethic hasn’t changed even though he have his one push yanked from him in 2012, so unless they decided to have Owens win, I’d get a feel good WrestleMania moment from Zack Ryder winning the IC title.


Sasha Banks vs Becky Lynch vs Charlotte Triple Threat Match for the WWE Divas Championship.

Going into WrestleMania, this is the fans choice for most anticipated match. Sasha banks is over as hell and in a lot of fans mind IS the future of what a WWE diva is made of. Flame haired Becky Lynch is my personal favorite but I don’t see her winning this time, I do see her putting on one hell of a showing. In my mind, charlotte’s run as champ has been filled with Great matches with the same predictable ending, with the Nature boy causing a distraction allowing his daughter to make best of said distraction. I think this time the distraction will mean defeat for charlotte, costing her to be rollup up by Sasha. Its her time to shine.


Brock Lesner vs Dean Ambrose- Street Fight.

Here comes to pain, Texas. This is simply going to be about as much “plunder” and weapons that can be found for Lesnar and Ambrose to destroy each other with. Might be the most fun match to watch on the card. Ambrose doesn’t need to win this match to burnish his credentials as a tough guy, his endurance alone in this match will solidify his rise to the top. Lesner will always be impressive win loss or draw, as he is the real deal. But if they were to have Ambrose win, id expect it to be via interference. Goldberg has been a rumor.


Roman Reigns vs Triple H for the WWE world heavyweight championship.

WWE is in a tough spot with this one. Roman Reigns, the alleged fan favorite challenger, who will likely get booed by most of the stadium if he wins the title from the always popular Triple H, who has been getting a favorable reaction from the crowd. They have to have something up their sleeve to save this match from total disappointment. Where does the Rock play into this? Will another superstar make his return? or will they have Roman turn heel, and be a heel champion but I don’t think WWE will be that bold. I expect Triple H to be the highlight of the match. Hes an expert at what he does for a living.


The Undertaker vs Shane McMahon-Hell in the Cell

I don’t think the undertaker will lose for a second time at WrestleMania, he cant loose again at the show of shows, I don’t think that Shane mcmahon will win this encounter for the control of the WWE, but this is pro wrestling, wrestler’s sometimes get second chances. He will get another shot at control of his daddy’s company. A lot of people are thinking that Shane will do something crazy like jump off the jumbo Tron onto the undertaker. I don’t see that happening to that extend but I do see him taking flight off the WrestleMania stage set. Either way this is gonna be one hell of a match


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