Bruins Homegrown Hopeful

The Bruins have 5 games left in this year’s campaign and somehow they may still miss out on the playoffs. So you are probably saying “here comes another piece about the B’s postseason push”. I have no interest in that, well for right now I don’t. But I do have interest in Bruin news that broke early yesterday.

Jimmy Vesey is a local kid who played at Harvard for the past few years. Vesey is out of North Reading, MA and played hockey at Belmont Hill and the South Shore Kings before heading to Cambridge. Vesey is a good sized kid, and has the credentials to one day be a second or third line player in the NHL. The kid notched 24 goals and 22 assists last season as the Captain for Harvard. Vesey was a piece that helped lead the Crimson to an NCAA tournament berth.

So you may be saying now, “Ok this kid can play but what does it all have to do with the Bruins?” Here what they have in common. Vesey earlier this week stated that he will test free agency and not sign with Nashville. The Predators drafted him in round 2 back in 2012, but had him stay in college for developmental reasons. But now Vesey wants no part of Nashville and has told them he will be testing free agency. So what’s his number 1 destination? That’s right; he wants to come to Boston.

It makes sense for the kid to come here. He from around the area and knows that Boston is a hockey city. Now he can change his mind and sign elsewhere, but all signs point to Vesey coming to Boston in the summer. If they do get Vesey, that’s just another established player to add to the ranks. If they are smart, Vesey should start in Providence next season, hopefully with some of last season’s draft picks.

Now this news spurs the draft interest a bit more now. With this future signing, Don Sweeney may now be looking at a deal of draft picks. Maybe package these picks for an established defenseman like Justin Faulk from Carolina. The Bruins have the pick from the Sharks and their own, but those picks could be in the late teens to mid-twenties. But I can’t see a team passing up multiple picks for defensemen, especially Carolina. But hey that’s just what I would like to see in the near future.

For now we have a major name from the NCAA linked to next year’s Bruins team. Hopefully they throw him on one of the top lines in Providence with Accari or some of the new faces. But Vesey coming to Boston could be the steal of the rookie offseason. A kid from Boston once again playing for the hometown club, have you ever heard of such a thing?


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