Intramural Glory

Last week, I talked about how my on-ice career ended, but last night my last season as an intramural athlete began. What are intramural sports you ask? Well they are the best thing out there for former athletes of the high school kingdom. But are they the best part of the week before the weekend festivities start?

They absolutely are, plain and simple.

Last night, we faced off in an intramural floor hockey tilt. And obviously I played like Jonathan Quick in the first Kings cup run; yeah I am the nutcase that plays goalie. We won over another team 6-2, and the #RollLumber was created. Floor hockey is for all those kids who either won that ring in high school, or the guys who never got to the promise land. A large group of dudes trying to get a t-shirt and achieve bragging rights, all in the heat of battle. Easily the most underrated intramural sport out there.

Best intramural sport you ask? Oh it has to be softball, it just is and there is no room for discussion. Softball is for everyone, skinny, athletic, fat or obese. Softball is the most relaxed and easy going game, mainly because cooler heads always prevail. You obviously want to win every game, but when it’s a cold night and no one wants to be there, you’re alright with a 3-2 loss as long as your limbs are intact. Deadbeat Creeps softball opens tonight, what a name, I got to say we have some of the best names in the game out west.

Dodgeball is much underrated. You go out and take you anger out with a huge red ball. And let me tell you those games where you’re coming off a tough day are therapeutic. I was an average dodgeball player, I really never could grip the ball, but I did make some immaculate receptions in the big games. I don’t miss playing that sport. It was very painful from time to time, and no one likes pain.

Other schools have huge intramural programs, and others don’t. I go to a small/medium sized school, so the teams vary from sport to sport. But the competition stays the same from each level. At the end of the day, yes winning is all that matters. So when you look at those standings you can say, we went out there and won today. Just live by the iconic words of Al Davis, “Just win baby”.


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