The Time Has Come

You know all good things must come to an end. Careers on the hardwood, the gridiron, the diamond, the squared circle and the ice have a start and an end date. And I think it’s officially time to announce that my career as a Shamrock is over. This isn’t a joke, after thinking about this since the culmination of last season, and with my professional career (real world job) beginning soon, I think it’s time to shine the rings and turn off the light.

Four seasons as a Shamrock and let me tell you they were some of the best seasons I have ever had. From leading the league in goals in my first season, to winning three straight league titles, the fun never stopped. I can tell you they will be memories that I will hold with me for the rest of my life, memories that I will cherish.

This is a serious; I won’t be pulling a Favre and coming back the day the email goes out. AJ Friday (my defensive partner) and I have been talking about this for some time. And why not walk away while on top of the world. He and I are arguably the best pairing in the leagues history, name a pair that’s won 3 in a row, that’s right you can’t. There are plenty of young men in the ranks that want to be the next leaders, and we won’t stand in their way any longer.

To the Shamrocks black fellas, thanks for giving this old dog 1 last ring. That team was filled with some grinders let me tell you. From Mike Donadio in goal, Mike stood on his head in some of the seasons biggest contests. To the top line of Isberg-Collins-Bourque, the three that became the most feared line in the league. I want to thank Chris Arnaudo especially, he brought me in through last season’s draft, and he believed from the very moment we all walked in that we could get the job done. Thank you Chris, it was fun being on the same team with you.

At 22 years of age, I figure why not take my talents from the ice to behind the bench. Give some new blood a chance to step on the ice and really find out what Hockey Night in Franklin is all about. People don’t realize how intense it really is, it’s not quite college and not quite high school. It is a hybrid league, a new form of hockey that many aren’t used to. I’ve played in it and believe I have a system to help me win another ring or two. Oh and my assistant coach would be my old defense partner AJ Friday. Yeah I know as you’re reading this, I know you’re saying, “How do I get on that team?” Don’t worry there will be an application process or something.

Shamrock hockey filled a void that I had in my life for quite some times. I wasn’t the biggest or fastest skater on the ice. But Shamrocks was the place where I could showcase my talents like I never was able to before. I want to thank all involved in the league from the adults to the skaters, you guys made every Thursday for this guy. Goodbye boys, thanks for giving me something to look forward to and a great 4 years.

Jack Corsi has officially left the building.


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