Fairy Tale Ending For Franklin

Many said there wasn’t a snowballs chance in hell that the Franklin Panthers would get it done at the TD Garden. So let’s start off with this. What a thrilling Sunday of hockey, and when I say thrilling I mean oh dear god. Sunday we got to see a match-up of epic proportions between Franklin and St. Marys of Lynn. And let’s just say the garden had a party in the Panthers style.

Franklin once lead 3-1 in the ballgame, but squandered it. 3-3 in double overtime is a scary situation for any team. But for this squad of Panthers? Nope, they will laugh in your face. Luke Downie must have called game when he took his shot. Downie goes what I think was 5 hole on the tender, and on his bday too. Congrats kid, and oh yeah the assist came from his cousin Jake Downie. Story book ending from Franklin.

Nick Jasinski, man can that kid play goalie. He proved that he doesn’t need a resume to start for this team. But he sure proved himself all season. This kid let up 5 goals in the postseason. Made himself look like Jonathan Quick in that epic run LA had a few years ago. Or better yet he had a Mike Donadio 2012 run, some say it may have been better this time around. I tip my cap to you Nick, you did an outstanding job.

The fellas on the blue line put up a couple goals. I brought up Joe Corsi(yeah you bet that’s my brother) and Kevin MacKay last week. And these two showed up with big time goals. Corsi follows up a breakaway bid with a beauty of a goal and a celly. MacKay later on goes up high where momma hides the cookies to give Franklin a 2 goal lead at 3-1 at one point in the contest.

Don’t forget the goal by Joey Blasie at the tail end of the first. The kid has battled all season and comes up roses in the big game. Blasie will be a big time player for the Panthers next season, along with Adam Assad, Jeremy Miller and Luke Downie. The heart never stopped beating for this Panthers squad, every kid wanted this. And you bet they got the job done.

Downie’s goal goes down in the record books as the won that sealed the deal. But I really tip my cap to all the Panthers. They showed guts and determination all season. Good for them, as a loser at the Garden I wish I was in their position. But that was quite some one ago and I can’t go back. So being an alumni, I can proudly say that I’ve never been happier or prouder of a group. Way to go boys, no one deserved this more than you.

Franklin finally get the Garden win. This one is for the fellas on the ice and in the locker room. They got the job done when not a soul believed in them. They did what had to be done to win the big one. This team hadn’t won anything since the 80’s and now you can chalk up that Division 1 crown to them. You can leave the Super 8 banner and all the other banners in the dust. The one that matters is the 2016 MIAA Division 1 State Champs. In the words of Jack Edwards, ” SNOWBALL – 1, HELL – 0!” That’s what I call an epic ending for this team.


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