Top Video Games 

Getting away from the serious Red Sox articles for once to write about another sport topic I love. That being Sport Video games. I wanted to rank my top 5 game franchises and possibly get a feedback on what you readers think. 
First off I am going to tell you I’m leaving off the FIFA series just because I never play them. I know a lot of people who love these games they just aren’t me. 

So here we go:

Number 5. PGA Tour 

Originally known as Tiger Woods PGA tour, the series is now Rory McIlroy. I loved the Tiger games. We use to go and play these games for hours. I do believe that Rory was a miss at its first attempt on the new-aged systems but I bet they come back with a bang. 

Number 4. Madden NFL 

The Madden series is one of those games that’s graphics always get better but the game it self is repetitive. This years game was very realistic and enjoyable for the player who doesn’t play 24/7.

Number 3. MLB The Show

These maybe my favorite of all game franchises. No lie I have purchased each years version since the game beginning being put out. I have not been disappointed yet.

Number 2. NHL series 

The NHL series is definitely one of the top game Franchises out there. The makers make it so much fun and better in my opinions each year. The graphics are insane. A must buy every year in my opinion. 


No doubt in my mind the 2K games are the best sport games out there. They get better each year. From the soundtrack to the career mode. These games have continuously get more realistic with player grades being upgraded what seems to be almost every day. Including highschool and the NCAA Tournament along with Freqs story it seems like you are in the game. 

If I could have I woulda put the NCAA Football games up there but they have not been made in a few years unfortunately. The road to the glory series in these games were awesome. 

Another game that I left off that I know Hacksaw Harris will be mad about is the WWE 2k series. Unfortunately, this series is only a few years old so hopefully they will continue to improve. 


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