Franklin Returns to the Show

You know we often don’t write about high school sports. But when you have a family member involved in a run to a championship, you have to write about it right? Yeah so since its my website I thought I’d give THIS YEARS Franklin Panthers an article. This team is playing for something so I thought I would give them their due.

Franklin came into this season with little support from anyone besides anyone near and dear to them. After last years Super 8 run, many believed this inexperienced group couldn’t get to the big time. Well to those who didn’t believe, we will see you later. You were wrong and probably are hopping on the bandwagon right now.

Franklins run has been led by goaltender Nick Jasinski. What a run this kid has had, giving up just 2 goals the entire postseason run. Jasinski has been solid between the pipes all season, but has kicked it into another gear with this run. He’s made save after save and got Franklin to where they belong.

Franklins forwards are a young group led by the likes of Junior Adam Assad, who had two goals in Sunday’s win. But they do get help from the likes of Seniors Sean Hedvig and Jake Downie. This collective group of forwards are playing out of their minds. I watched some of these fellas get hit and get right back up, then throw their bodies around right after. That’s called heart ladies and gentlemen, and like the Boston Celtics, these guys are full of it.

The defensive group is led by 4 seniors. One of which is my little brother, Joe Corsi. With Joe, you got Jack Chaffee, Tyler Oakes and Matt Pleshaw. Those 4 seniors are joined by freshman Kevin MacKay. These 5 guys have been a united front on the blue line. They do what they have to and get the job done. MacKay and Corsi know about about saving games, MacKay did it against Walpole and Corsi against Marshfield. Gotta love the effort on the backend.

Now the Panthers wait on their next opponent. They’ll hail from the North Shore of Massachusetts. Franklin will eagerly await that challenge from them. I’ll be in attendance next Sunday hope you are. And if you aren’t pulling for these guys, what’s wrong with you. They have proved themselves this year, gotta love it. You want the Panthers to take your test? They’ll take your test!


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