Eagles Moving And Grooving

Wow what a couple days in Eagle football, trades and signings galore. Looks like the Doug Pederson regime is starting off pretty strong. But is Doug letting Howie Roseman have too much of the power in the GM booth? I am not sure but let’s look at what has happened thus far.

First move made was the trade of Byron Maxwell, Kiko Alonso and the 14th pick to Miami. In return the Birds will now get the 8th pick, which brings in to the idea who are they taking. But that’s a topic for another day. With that trade Miami is absorbing the entire Maxwell contract. That contract is a hefty one too, and it’s a contract for a number 1 corner, and he is no number 1 corner. Kiko could have stayed but with Jordan Hicks returning and Najee Goode having a good end of the season, I am ok with the move.

Next move made was bringing in Leodis McKelvin. This guy can flat out play, he knows the Jim Schwartz system and has proven to be a top CB in the league. I will say he is better than Maxwell and is a big step up in the secondary. A secondary that has a returning Malcolm Jenkins. If McKelvin can start up where he left off last season, I am sure this Eagle defense will be looking good in that division.

Rodney McCloud Jr is a name that is new to me. He was the Safety that Roseman brought in from the Rams. Let me say this about the 25 year old, he can lower the boom. Just ask Broncos WR Emmanuel Sanders, he will definitely tell you that. McCloud has a lot of potential, and working alongside Jenkins can only help this kid. I am anxious to see how he fits into this system and how he will fit in the NFC East.

It was only a matter of time before Chase Daniel signed to Philly. He is Doug Pederson’s prototypical QB, and rightfully so. I have a lot of faith in this guy as an able bodied backup. He was really good at Mizzou back in the day and can sling the ball like the best. If Bradford goes down, I will be ready for Chase Daniel to do his thing.

So all that’s left is the trade of DeMarco Murray, I am very indifferent about trading Murray but hey if he doesn’t want to be here let him go. No need to have a guy pissed off all the time and not wanting to play here. So let him go to Tennessee and light it up. I have nothing against the guy, its really Chip Kelly’s fault that he wanted out of here. He didn’t know how to use a premier back in the league and now hes gone.

We got a few weeks till the draft, and I am excited. Lots of optimism in the Eagle world for me this time of year. A new coach means a fresh new start. And a fresh start is what this franchise needs, I am not saying we are winning the SB next year, but hey I’ll take a 10-6 or something like that. Until then as the old adage goes, Fly Eagles Fly


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