Belief In The Bruins

Last night the Boston Bruins and Tampa Bay Lightning played an absolute thriller of a hockey game. And once again proved you don’t need 9 goals to have fun in hockey. For the Bruins, they sit tied for first with Tampa with a game in hand. Let me say this, besides me, did anyone expect that the Black and Gold to be in this position? I’ll answer that for you…NO. Bruins fan have come together at this time of the year and found that team can do things; they aren’t a stick in the mud. And let me say its all coming together at the perfect time.

With 14 games to go in the season, the Bruins will face a playoff caliber team in at least 10 of those tilts. Three of which will feature them going out to the west coast or to the city of the broad shoulders. Yes, you read that right, there is games left with LA, Anaheim and Chicago this season. 3 teams that are of the highest caliber in the league, I will say the B’s will need to win at least 2 of those games, and no they are not in a row. The west coast trip starts in San Jose, that where the winning needs to really begin.

But before we go out west we get a two game home stand. Games with the Carolina Hurricanes and the New York Islanders make up that two gamer. Carolina is on the outside looking in, they will easily be coming out flying. But after trading Eric Staal, the Canes, in my opinion, are hurting. Yes, in their last game they beat Ottawa, but the Sens are awful this year so I don’t really take that W into account. You can help put Carolina to bed with a win tomorrow night. The Islanders are in the postseason, barring any sort of collapse, so this is a good matchup for the Bruins. That game and that team will bring the playoff atmosphere, so you will have to bring it.

This team has yet to drop a regulation game since the deadline. Which is something that I love, you are getting at least a point out of every game and you need to do that. I really want that second seed in the division. I think we match up well with Florida, and could really take it to them in a first round series. I think it is vital that we don’t slip to the bottom seed. We don’t want Washington, until at the conference final. We really cannot afford to take them on, that team is on a mission right now, and the only way to derail them is by beating them in the ECF.

There are a lot of guys to look at but the two who are playing the best are Brad Marchand and Patrice Bergeron. This dynamic duo is having a season for them, and I would be shocked if Bergeron isn’t a Hart Trophy finalist as well as a Selke Finalist. Marchand scored the winner last night on a slick back door feed from Bergeron. These two with Lee Stempniak have become a line to watch in the league.

I have been high up on this team since the start of the season. I really believe they are poised to make a run deep into the postseason. Claude Julien and company are looking like icons right now, and I love every second of it. So as I close off this post, I will say it, B’s in 1.


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