Diaz Dominates

Saturday came and Saturday took away two potential headliners for the UFC. We now are left questioning everything after the turn of events that occurred at UFC 196. Conor McGregor and Holly Holm both fall and lose. I can honestly say I am not surprised McGregor lost, but Holms loss takes me by surprise. But who is the biggest loser in all of this? My answer is the UFC.

Nate Diaz, let me say this, could have become a major star with this win. American fans can really get behind the bad boy from Stockton after his win Saturday night. He has the chin of Iron man, and he proved he could stand toe to toe with Conor. He won that fight when Conor took him down. He had the fight in the bag, Nate Diaz is truly a one of a kind fighter, and he proved that on Saturday. He should be easily in line for a title fight after that victory.

For the UFC, it is for certain they lost big time, especially with both favorites losing. I am unsure why Dana White would have McGregor fight Diaz before Faber or Frankie Edgar. From what I have read, Faber had said he would have taken the fight, but Dana decided to give it to Diaz instead. Now that McGregor attitude and confidence that he is the best may be dead.

The Holly Holm loss basically proves that she is the Buster Douglas of the MMA world. She loses to Miesha Tate, and honestly it really wasn’t a good loss. She refused to tap out, and was basically choked out cold. Miesha Tate will probably get Ronda next. And well Ronda has dominated her in their previous fights. So the “Cupcake” could be cooked if she has to take on Ronda again. But she is beautiful so she has that going for her at least.

The world of MMA was shocked to see McGregor tap out to Diaz. Dana White loses millions upon millions in potential revenue to see a stud like this go down. But now he has to turn his attention to a name like Jon Jones. If Jones can rebound from the legal trouble, then I see him once again as the UFC poster-boy. But now McGregor is a fallen hero to many.

So if you’re Dana where do you go with McGregor from here? Well he doesn’t want to fight in Vegas, so put him either in his homeland or a home for many of the Irish. You have McGregor fight at Cork Park or at the TD Garden in his next fight. You give him Aldo or Edgar next; honestly Frankie Edgar can put butts in seats. Edgar-McGregor could be a huge money earner and get McGregor’s career back to where it was before the Diaz fight. If not those two venues, throw him on the UFC 200 card. Which is the major possibility right now, especially if GSP could be on that card, 200 could be the mega PPV that we have never have seen before.

As the UFC fans weep I will say this, “Never count out a replacement fighter”. It has proven time and again that they have the momentum even if they come in on short notice. Nate Diaz proved that on Saturday, he not only made a lot of money but probably just got himself a title shot.


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