Green Heart

This season has been quite memorable for the Boston Celtics so far. This team has proven to have miles and miles of heart. Something that plenty of teams around the NBA really no nothing about, and that’s actually saying something. We have a core group of guys that really have meshed well together all season. Thomas, Smart and Crowder are the big 3 now, and well they may not seem like it but they have been there. But who else is there that’s been a shiner this season.

I will say it; I am not a fan of Avery Bradley. Bradley from time to time has really bothered me, he seems like he isn’t totally there all the time. But this season, it seems like Bradley and I have become the best of pals. Bradley has hit some of the season’s biggest shots, and had one of the biggest blocks against Gordon Hayward a few nights back. This guy’s defensive prowess will have to be big in any game, especially with Toronto, Miami or Cleveland.

E.T. has found a home and that home is Boston. A guy who I absolutely loved out of THE Ohio State University, Evan Turner has proved to be a top 6th man in the league. I would be shocked and dismayed if this fella doesn’t win 6th man of the year award. He is really becoming a mainstay in the rotation. It will be interesting to see what Danny decides to do with him in the offseason.

Jared Sullinger, at Ohio State, was one of my favorite players in the NCAA. He plays hard and he plays with an attitude. The attitude that seems to finally be back to fruition with all the big names finally out of Boston. Sully has proven to be an inconsistent force down low, but when he gets his head into the game, he’s unstoppable. He’s also a free agent this offseason, so he is another that I would like to know about sooner than later.

I will say it now, within the next year, Jordan Mickey will be one of the better players in the post in all of basketball. From the small sample size of this kid, I really like what I am seeing. Many are saying the Celts stole him in the second round. This kid has the raw potential to be in the starting role next season, and I think we have a superstar on our hands.

This season has been filled with its ups and its downs this season my friends. But with the three I named, the big three that we have, and another cast of character, I think we have a solid run in us. Hey, don’t let the Celtics win multiple games in this postseason. If they get Cleveland in the ECF, watch out LeBron, we are coming for you.

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