Bradford Makes The Big Bucks

“Starting at quarterback from The University of Oklahoma, number 7, Sam Bradford”. Sammy B is on his way back to Philadelphia my friends, and Sammy got a paycheck. Lots of money was spent to bring back the Heisman trophy winner. And you know what, I am happy to have Bradford back in the Midnight Green. He played in the Chip Kelly system, but now will play in a system that will cater to him, thank you Doug Pederson for that,

So what are the numbers? 2 years, $36 million, with $26 million of those dollars guaranteed. WOW that’s a lot of money for Sam. Is that too much for Sam? Yeah I think so, I would have offered in the range of $24-$28 million with maybe $13 million guaranteed. But hey if it’s what made him happy to be back as an Eagle, then I am happy. Now let’s make sure he stays healthy.

Sam struggles from time to time, but I am the advocate saying that Chip Kelly’s system wasn’t right for Sam. If he was in the Doug Pederson system, we would be talking Heisman trophy season numbers for number 7. To the Patriot fans on twitter who tried chirping me for Bradford’s return, lend me your ears for a second. I don’t care about your rings, remember that time Sam waltzed in, with help from our defense and special teams, beat you guys and cost you home field? Yeah I sure do! 3rd and 10 from the Patriot 44 was a big time throw by Bradford, man I loved being there that day, a day I will never forget. Two td’s and zero INTS, read it and weep. Yeah I know I got carried away there for a second, but it was totally worth it, so there enough of the closeted Pats fan talk, I think I solidified it right there with those words.

Bradford will need some help, either in the receiving core or on the offensive line. Jason Kelce is back this season and will be a big time Bradford protector. Lane Johnson and Jason Peters will need to stay healthy. So bring in a few new guards and let’s set up that wall to protect Sam. With some good receiver prospects in the draft, I hope Howie Roseman takes target to at least one of them. Go get us a deep threat, let’s say the names Josh Doctson and Will Fuller. If they are there in the second round then I say pull the trigger. Hey don’t forget Braxton Miller, maybe he becomes a slot guy and Josh Huff/Nelson Aghlor become the deep threats. Draft or free agents could be the answer to get Sammy B some major weapons.

Don’t forget Sam has an unreal RB core, as long as Murray is here. PLEASE I SWEAR TO GOD HOWIE ROSEMAN DON’T LET MURRAY GO. If they can find a good catalyst of Murray and Mathews then I see this team going places and meeting things. Don’t forget Zach Ertz and Brent Celek, they have been two of Sam’s favorite target.

All in all, I am happy to have Bradford back with the birds. I think hes a good fit in this system right now and has potential. Let me say this too, as long as he stays healthy, we have a good chance to win the division next season. Yeah we gave him more than what Brady makes, but hey money makes the world go round. So lets see Sam Bradford get that money and at least through a round of the playoffs.


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