Stockton Meets Ireland

We were supposed to get Champion vs Champion on Saturday, but we are going to get something a WHOLE lot different instead. It was slated to be Rafael Dos Anjos taking on Conor McGregor, but with an injury to the Brazilian we will be seeing a totally different fight. A man from Stockton, California will be stepping in, and by stepping in I mean we are about to see an all-out war.That man is one of the baddest men in MMA, his name is Nate Diaz. Oh and it’s not a Lightweight …or a Featherweight bout. No we will be seeing a Welterweight fight, meaning both men will be putting on a few pounds. McGregor, if I have it right, has to go up at least 25 to 30 pounds, now don’t quote me on that, but I think I have it right.

What does this mean for a guy like Nate Diaz? Diaz comes in as one of the toughest men in all of MMA. He also has a very bad attitude, he is someone who plays a lot of mind games with his opponents, he likes to talk and taunt is what I mean. He will go as far as to flipping the bird during a fight (UFC on FOX against Benson Henderson). Diaz is a guy with nothing to lose, and he wanted this fight, so he got what he wished for. Truth be told, Diaz wanted a fight with GSP and not McGregor, now that’s an interesting fight for the future to be quite honest.

Now look at McGregor. He has the world to lose here. Yes I know it’s a non-title fight, but the unbeaten record, the “I can win at every weight class mentality” goes out the window with a loss here. Jumping up two weight classes is a tough thing to do. But look what it did for Anthony Johnson; he is the third LHW contender right now. McGregor’s belt is safe and secure around his waist, but his pride and never say die mentality are gone with a loss.

Listen, I am a huge fan of both guys, so this build up is almost annoying to me. If we got the few month build-ups, the hatred would be flowing like the Mississippi River. If you get the chance, go and watch the press conference. One word describes it, WOW, the two had a profanity filled war of the worlds. McGregor says he is used to fat paychecks, and truth be told they will be getting payed. And we also saw Diaz accusing McGregor of steroid use, Dana White was not happy with the kid from Stockton after that.

The winner will have all the momentum in the world. Diaz could be barking for that title shot at either Dos Anjos or Welterweight champ Robbie Lawler. He could also set himself up for a shot at Stephen Thompson with the win, the winner of that get Lawler. For McGregor, it would be line up Dos Anjos then, or at least I think that’s what it could mean. Maybe he takes his shot at Lawler (talk about Mega-fight), but I don’t think he wants him quite yet. I would love to see a McGregor-Max Holloway rematch; I think Holloway deserves one, but he was dominated in the last fight so McGregor may laugh at that. Maybe GSP comes out and takes on McGregor, that’s an interesting idea, two totally different personalities, McGregor may be able to get into GSP’s head.

My pick is Diaz by 2nd round TKO, I really don’t know if McGregor stands a chance. “But Jack, Diaz is fighting on a weeks’ notice”. To me, that does not matter, look at Chad Mendes, if he had a full camp he probably would have beaten McGregor. I like Nate convincingly, and if I’m wrong I’m wrong. Oh yeah, Holly Holm beats Miesha Tate and it’s not even close. The rest of the card kind of stinks to be brutally honest not sure what Dana was thinking not putting at least a good mid-card fight on there.


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