The Count Meets The Spider

We get two of the bigger names in the Middleweight division squaring off on Saturday night in London. The Count and The Spider will for the first time ever, square off in the Octagon, I know right these guys have been around forever and it’s their first fight. For those of you who do not know the nicknames, we will get Michael “The Count” Bisping and Anderson “The Spider” Silva. Are you ready?

Silva and Bisping have been in the UFC for a number of years now, both with astounding win-loss records. Bisping with 17 wins and 7 losses, pretty good to say the least and oh yeah he was 10-0 before entering the UFC. For Silva, well the numbers don’t lie; he has 15 wins, 2 losses and 1 no contest inside the Octagon. He was a legend before coming to the UFC boasting a 17-4 record in other companies; yeah he is pretty good to be quite honest.

Both men are quite controversial as well. Whether is Silva taunting and swaying like Muhammed Ali. Or if it’s Bisping talking trash leading up to any of his fights. These guys know how to keep the butts in the seats. So Saturday in London should be something interesting to say the least.

This fight could be either a stand-up war or be a battle of Brazilian-Jiu-Jitsu. I really don’t know how either will respond to each other, it’s an interesting matchup. Like I said, it is really amazing that these two have never fought in the past. Two storied named in the Middleweight division, fighting for possibly the first and only time. Maybe we can get a trilogy out of them. I don’t think they can handle Rockhold or Weidman at this point in their careers.

I like Silva in this fight, after all the controversy in the last year with the steroids and the injuries, he will get the W here. I do think Bisping stretches it to at least the second round but beyond that I can see Silva getting the TKO victory.

Other fights on the card, I like Gegard Mousasi over Thales Leites, the fight probably ends in the second round by submission. Keita Nakamura over Tom Breese, Nakamura should have an impressive second fight in the octagon. Last fight on the big card, I like Francisco Rivera over Brad Pickett; this would be Pickett’s fourth loss in a row. So he could be released after all is said and done.


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