WWE FastLane 2016 Prewiew and Predictions


WWE Fastlane Preview

WWE is on its final stop on the road to WrestleMania with this Sundays Fastlane event live on the WWE network. Seven matches have been lined up on the card, three in which a championship be on the line. So far the road to the showcase of immortals has been extremely bumpy with storyline twists and turns and injuries galore stretching the canvas of WWE pretty thin, this event is sure to set the stage and matchups leading to WrestleMania.


PresShow- Kalisto (c) vs Alberto Del Rio- two out of three falls for the United States Championship


Ive been impressed by Kalisto so far this year in WWE. He’s filling the void left by Rey Mysterio Jr, the resident cruiserweight “Superhero.” Alberto del Rio shines as a heel. Hes got that swagger and arrogance that a great heel should embrace. Seeing who this is a two out of three falls, each superstar is certain to score a fall each, tying it up to heighten the drama. The only way I see the title changing hands is if WWE has plans to conclude the Feud with a feel good WrestleMania moment for Kalisto, but I see Kalisto prevailing in the Preshow.


(and you cant teach that….)

Segment- Edge and Christian host The Cutting Edge Peep Show with Guests The New Day


Expect this to be a ridiculous nostalgia trip of a segment with Edge and Christian, and where the NewDay proclaims that they are better than the 7 time world tag team champions, and will play the trombone, twerk and dance until someone comes in and shuts the Tag Team champions up. I’m hoping a certain NXT tag team makes an appearance at Fastlane, just to warn the NewDay that they are hungry for the WWE Tag Team Titles.




( Not NewJapan, but Close enough)


AJ Styles vs Chris Jericho

It’s a true wrestling fans dream to see two amazing workers like Styles and Jericho wrestle each other. Both are astonishing wrestlers, both have a massive armory of holds and moves and each are Big in Japan! Having two great matches on free TV, I expect this to be the match that steals the hearts of the IWC. A lot of false finishes and near falls, keeping the fans on the edge. I don’t know where this goes for WrestleMania, but as far as Fastlane, Expect the Phenomenal one to expand his winning streak, after a long brilliant match. Bret Hart used to say “wrestling is watching two guys tell a story in the ring”, expect this story to be a great one. Winner: AJStyles.




(I wouldn’t be surprised if BigShow turns from Face back to heel, to face again)

Ryback, BigShow and Kane vs The Wyatt Family( ErickRowan, Luke Harper and Braun Strowman) with Bray Wyatt


I really expect this to be a brawl, short and sweet. That’s how the Wyatts effectively work. This is also the oppunitity to showcase the size and power of Braun Strowman, who the WWE has pegged as a monster heel. So I ecpect him to get the win after a big move. Winners- The Wyatts


2016218_1920x1080_FastlaneMatch_BeckySashaNaomiTamina--14d88889747dc41d98d5306744e99493.jpg (Notice that Sasha is more prominent in this photo? BOSS)

Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks vs Team B.A.D. (Noami and Tamina Snuka)

Sasha banks and Becky lynch team up to take on “the bosses” ex- partners in a divas tag match that is guaranteed to be a showcase for each of the nxt alums. This would also be the macth that builds from the ruins of the Divas Championship title match also at Fastlane, and if so will sasha banks and becky lynch be on even keel to each other? If this is so, expect a triple threat match for the divas title at Mania.

Winners- Sasha and Becky convincingly.


2016218_1920x1080_FastlaneMatch_CharlotteBrieBella--748daf16a418a50f58aa4508676bf74a (I hate Charlotte’s Facial jewelery, your not a genie)

Divas Title match- Charlotte(with Ric Flair) (c) vs Brie Bella


The crowd will be behind the heartbreak of Bryan retiring earlier this month, so Brie should get an amazing reaction and support during her “Final” (?) match. Expect Brie to put up a strong fight against Charlotte, but in the end the “dirtiest diva in the game” is expected to hold on to her coverted ButterFly title. After the match, the crowd should give Brie a heros send off, with the possible appearance from Daniel Bryan. Brie Mode!

Winner- Charlotte retains.



Kevin Owens (C) vs Dolph Ziggler – Intercontinental championship match


Owens just won the ICtitle last Monday on RAW, so unfortunately for DZ I don’t see him losing the title…but I do see this being a highlight of the night. Both Kevin and Dolph can go, and have been known to tear the roof down, so again expect a barnburner that ignites a bigger match for WrestleMania.


Winner- Kevin Owens


Dean Ambrose Vs Romain Reigns Vs Brrrrrrooock Lesner. Triple Threat match to determine the #1 contender for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania 32


This match is tricky, because I don’t see Lesner winning, So a distraction or outside interference is the likely reason of why Brock doesn’t win this in the end. Now Reigns is the inside favorite due to the long hard road he has been on since last years Wrestlemania, and a match against Triple H for the title seems to be the storybook ending to his championship pursuit. Dean Ambrose could turn heel and screw his brother out of the number one contender ship, setting up a feud for after wrestlemania between Reigns and Ambrose, but I see Romain taking the cake and setting up the Big Dog vs The Authority at Wrestlemania.


Winner- Romain Reigns




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