Keys for Red Sox Success

Pitchers and Catchers reported just a few days ago for Boston and there are still some questions surrounding the team. The question I will address here is “what are the major keys for the Red Sox to succeed the season?”

The most obvious one is that David Price comes and is just plain dominant. This is one of keys I will not go into because well it’s just that obvious. However, there are 4 other keys I will talk about and list in what order I think they rank based on their importance.

The first key is for Jackie Bradley Jr. and Rusney Castillo to step up. Both made major strides last season however, Jackie has proven that he somewhat struggles in the batter’s box. While Castillo needs to improve and become more consistent in every aspect to prove that he is worth the money we gave him. Both have to prove they belong alongside hopeful All Star Mookie Betts. Chris Young is right on their heals as the fourth outfielder.


The Second key to success is Clay Buchholz. He has proven he can win when he isn’t the so called ace. Now, we have David Price making Buchholz either the number 2, 3, or even 4th starter. If he can remain healthy, I am excited what Clay can do because he has proven he can win.

Third, is Pablo and Hanley bouncing back? Both struggled in their first years in Boston (or in Hanley’s case first year back), but both have major upside. Hanley can step in to the DH role when Ortiz is done and Panda has shown he can hit the ball and play the hot corner he just way to out of shape. Both need to turn their seasons around or I want them out! Both are not starting off to hot as Hanley forgot his glove and Pablo well is HUGE!


Last, and I think most important (others definitely disagree) is Xander Bogaerts hitting for power. X made great strides to becoming an All Star last season (in which I believe he got robbed where Jack would say AROD was). He played amazing defense at SS and hit consistently in the 3 hole in the later parts of the season. The one thing he needs to do better though is hit for power. For him to compete as the top SS in the MLB with Carlos Correa, Bogaerts needs to hit a few more over the monster. With this happenings, the Red Sox will score more runs equaling more wins. The more runs scored lets us get into the Bullpen and Smith, Koji, and Kimbrel can take over (so we don’t have to watch Joe Kelly and Robbie Ross pitch).

These are my keys for the Red Sox this season. Let’s all hope they are better than last year.


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