February Match of The Month- Lord Steven Regal Vs The Belfast Bruiser WcW uncensored 96

When you read on a pay per view card that Fit Finlay and William “Steven” Regal will face off against each other, you know that you will see a true stiff wrestling match, each wrestler using deliberate force on each of the defensive moves. Regal and Finlay pulled no punches and went at each other with ruthless aggression and brutality back and forth. These two True legends of the ring beat the snot out of each other in front of a quiet WCW crowd, who didn’t know the quality of awesomeness of the match that was unfolded before them. This was a fight, nothing more nothing less. Bad blood between Regal and The Bruiser, as Tony Schiavone discussed during the match, This feud ignited on an episode of WcW Saturday Night, where Finlay jumped the rail and interfered in Regals match, bringing the personal vendetta to American soil, so I believe this was the first encounter between these two on a WCW pay per view.



Like I said this match was brutal, one of the Stiffest pro wrestling matches that took place on a American PPV, these guys just beat the holy hell out of each other for twenty minutes. Recalling the match, Regal said it left him with a broken nose, one fractured cheek and twelve stitches in his eye. At one point toward the matches lousy throwaway finish, Finlay rocks Regal with a right that if you listen closely, DESTROYS Regal’s nose. And as always with any WCW  match, the commentary is gold. With Bobby and Tony by his side, Dusty Rhodes delivers here just proving that his commentary was insane. You didn’t know what was going to come out of him. Referring to the Gluteus Maximus as “lootamum maximum”, I laughed as hard as when he referred to the Dog collar match at Bash at the Beach ‘96 between Public Enemy and The NastyBoys as “double trouble bash at the beach bubble”

There’s not much more I can really say about this match other than it’s a brawl. Show this to any critic of pro wrestling or anyone who says “pro wrestling is fake”. It’s close to being an early UFC/BattleArts match in wrestling. It’s a Great match but the crowd wasn’t too into it. It doesn’t fit the mold of the vibe that 1996 WCW had going. WCW fans probably weren’t expecting this from a match featuring Regal.

Match highlights


-the overall stiffness of the match

-Finlay obliterates Regal’s nose

-After the match, regal backhands Finlay that was legit, knocking Finlay on his “lootamum maximum”

-The Classic WCW commentary from Tony Schiavone, Dusty Rhodes and Bobby Heenan

The Finish- The BlueBloods attack Finlay, causing a DQ victory for Finlay, a lame finish to an awesome fight. 3 outta 5 stars


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