Beyond The Game: Scott Hall

“Say hello to the bad guy”, “oozing machismo” and “Hey Yo” were three of the catchphrases of the once great Scott Hall. Hall to the fans of WCW or Razor Ramon to the fans of the WWE, he was easily one of the most influential stars of the 90s. Hall with his trademark tooth pick and attitude took the world of wrestling by storm with the debut of his Scarface like Razor Ramon. Ramon was one of the most over superstars in the 90s and could be thought of as one of the best in ring performers we have ever seen.

Hall left the WWE for what was thought of as a brighter pasture when he jumped to WCW. He became iconic by addressing crowds with his trademark “Hey Yo” when introducing his promo. Whether it was part of The Outsiders or an original member of the NWO, Hall was a staple for WCW for years.

But everything has not been superstardom for the once great wrestler. Hall has struggled with alcohol and painkiller addiction for a number of years now. There was an E:60 segment on Hall that detailed his chilling bout with the “demons” of addiction. What was once one of the best; he had taken a horrific fall from grace.

The E:60 segments details everything about Halls drug and alcohol use, an even the incident between Hall and Top Rope Promotions. Hall and the promotion had a rocky incident over an appearance made by Hall. I would rather not go into details, instead go to the E:60 page and watch this piece its truly tough to watch

Hall was set for recovery with help from Diamond Dallas Page. Page did everything he could to try to rebuild the once and for all. Although Page was able to rebuild him for the time being, even see Hall enter the WWE Hall Of Fame. Hall quickly relapsed into the awful habits that nearly took his life before.

Our heroes of yesterday are not always to the best of their abilities. Some of them have a major fall from grace like Hall, they have the chance to rebound but it doesn’t always work out in their favor. Could we see a big time return to the once great star? I really don’t know what to say, but the tales from beyond the game aren’t always happy. We need to look to those who are close to the star to support him, even if he doesn’t want it. It’s just something that he will need in the long run.


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