Drafting A QB

The NFL season is over; well I mean for right now it is. Tuesday was the last possible day to franchise tag players. This also in turn means that the combine and the draft are right around the corner. There are a few good quarterback prospects in this year’s draft, which have teams wondering if one of them could be their franchise guy. Especially Cleveland, well they need a guy at about every position if they want to be considered a credible franchise.

The first prospect that we will take note of is Jared Goff from Cal. Goff was a highly touted prospect before the college season began. But like most Cal QBs he kind of faded away and didn’t really impress us, well at least not me for that matter. Is he talented? You bet he is. But I am unsure if he will be able to get it done on the next level. Mike Mayock has this kid as the number 2 rated QB, I totally disagree, this kid has potential but he can hit rock bottom just like that.

Next guy up is an FCS QB out of North Dakota State, yes you read that right and no I am not joking. Carson Wentz in my eyes has the potential to be like Joe Flacco, a consistent QB who gets his ring sooner than later. This should be the first QB off the board in this year’s draft. Why? Hes a proven winner, that’s all he did at NDSU. This kid played in a pro-style offense is ready to start immediately, please oh please let’s hope he doesn’t land in Cleveland or Dallas. Those two teams could ruin this thoroughbred talent.

Now Memphis is known for guys like Derrick Rose and Tyreke Evans, but now they may be known as a school with a QB drafted in round 1. Paxton Lynch is a kid a lot of people are underselling because of what is being called “bad footwork”. Something that is easily fixable if he lands with the right team and coach. Lynch may be the answer for a team like the Eagles and new coach Doug Pederson, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves just yet.

What is there to say about Connor Cook? He was a big time winner as a Michigan State Spartan and is a very good quarterback. But what he lacks is in his passing accuracy, that something that will really hurt Cooks draft stock. But Cook is a big body and can easily take a hit, he played in the BIG 10 and had to face Stanford, this kid can take a hit trust me. Cook could be taken before Lynch and Lynch could be taken before Cook, it’s as simple as that.

A guy who is totally being undersold is former Mississippi State Bulldog Dak Prescott. This kid showed the world that he could flat out play in a stacked SEC. He impressed at the Senior Bowl, but what hurts him is he is being viewed as Tebow 2.0.Thats something that could really hurt him in the long run, but I think if you take the chance with Dak, you are definitely taking a good chance. He is easily a better thrower than Tebow ever was, advantage Mr. Prescott.

Names to watch are Kevin Hogan, Cardale Jones and Christian Hackenberg. These 3 were guys to watch going into last season, especially Jones, but weren’t as effective. Hogan is one who I am very high up on because of his winning history at Stanford. I like his potential and could easily be a quality backup. For Hackenberg, he may have been a Heisman finalist if he had an o-line, Penn State was that bad on that front. Maybe if his receivers didn’t drop passes, Hackenberg would be a second round talent. Lastly with Jones, this kid had 4 good games, I don’t see why everyone thought he was a stud in the first place, he’s got a lot of maturing to do.

The draft is one of the best events of the year. I cannot wait for Gruden, Kiper and McShay all on the same panel or in the same vicinity, especially Gruden, he doesn’t like Kiper and he makes it show. We are only a few weeks away from hearing Goddell get booed and Jets fans booing they’re pick, oh boy I can’t wait.


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