Bruins In Trouble?

I know, they’ve won four of their last six contests, and are sitting a point back from second place in the division. That point though? Could have been gained on Sunday against the team that’s directly above them in the standings. They lost 6-5 to Detroit, in a back-and-forth, matinee battle. The loss kept them at 66 points, and leap-frogged the Red Wings to a point ahead of them in the Atlantic.

While many are looking to highlights of Brad Marchand having one his best seasons of his NHL career, I’m looking at the back-end. The abysmal defense even Claude Julian cannot seem to fix. Between Chara, who has been a shell of his elite self this past year-and -a-half, Krug, Seidenberg, Mcquaid (injured), K. Miller, Trotman, C. Miller, and Morrow neither you can point to and say he’s our shutdown guy this year. That is certainly worrisome. As we all know that, in this league, a deep cup-run is warranted by, at least, two lines of shutdown defensemen.

Yes, we have a top-5 goaltender. But, even Rask, when not playing shaky, can’t bail out the likeness of an undeveloped Colin Miller, slow as molassis Kevin Miller, deteriorating Zedno Chara, and offensively minded Torey Krug.

Hockey fans in Boston are scratching their heads watching the Celtics get all the buzz. They’re 32-23, and good. Comfortably 3rd in the Eastern Conference. The Bruins? 30-20-6 and haven’t defeated a playoff team since the Rangers over a month ago (January 16).

So, are the Bruins in trouble? I’d say.


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