Miraculous Marchand

Now number 63 the Boston Bruins, left wing Brad Marchand. We know Marchand as Marchy,  Mashmont, the Nose-Face killah, the Honey-badger and the Nose. But do we know Marchand as a superstar now? It really is starting to look like it, so how about we take a closer look.

When Brad Marchand came to Boston about 8 years ago, but really did not start making an impact until the 2010-2011 campaign. Marchand has been a steady force on a line with Patrice Bergeron, and has had a cast of characters playing on the opposite wing, whether it has been Reilly Smith, Mark Reechi or Tyler Seguin. Marchand has become one of the faces of the Bruins since his first time stepping on the Garden ice.

He is not the cleanest player in the entire NHL let me just get that out of the way. He isn’t the smartest guy in the league, and has a major temper that has gotten him stuck in some sticky situations. Especially with teams like Montreal, Ottawa and Vancouver, and let’s not forget when he clocked Gabriel Landeskog earlier this season (Landeskog deserved it in my opinion).

Has he taken some very dumb, game costing penalties in the past? Oh you bet he has, and has he owned up to them, oh you bet he has. Marchand is a guy that the Bruins can rally around, he isn’t the biggest fella out on the ice but he sure acts like it. Last season alone, the 5 foot 9 inch forward racked up 95 penalty minutes, for a guy who can score 25-30 goals that’s a lot.

25-30 goals though, many will say that’s too high for Marchand, but not me. 63 has eclipsed the 25 goal mark twice in his career, his career high is 28 and he got that back in the 2011-2012 season. He has also only had one season where he didn’t eclipse the 20 goal mark and that was the lockout closed season. His final goal total was 18, they play a full season that year he easily gets at least 28, maybe even gets 30-35.

This has been a career season for Marchand, 24 goals through 47 games, that puts him at 7th in the league. He also missed 5 games due to injury and suspension. Now I am not going to say he would have scored in those games but come on. One of those tilts was the Winter Classic, Marchand would have probably crashed that party and it would have been a lot closer than it was. So let’s say he played in those 5 games, he could be up to 28, maybe 29 goals on the season.

Marchand is on my short list of team MVP’s right now. Without him the goal production would be slightly down and I’ll say the team may not have that swagger. Look at the other night against Buffalo. Backhander, top shelf in overtime on a penalty shot, that’s what I like to call too sweet. He is without a doubt one of the major players on this squad and we will need to look for his production when we are in the postseason.

My final stat line for number 63 will read 33-24-57. So if you’re scoring at home that’s 33 goals, 24 assists and an overall of 57 points. I would love to see those numbers, even higher than my projections would be awesome too. But hey, the Bruins have about 28 games to go in the season, let’s hope the one wearing 63 shows up to play in those games.


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