Super Bowl Preview

Newton. Manning. Super Bowl 50. Wow after what transpired Sunday I’m shocked.

New England lost to Denver, oh boy I didn’t see that coming. The Greatest of all time has taken the backseat to the Forehead. Manning now stands at 3-2 against Brady in the postseason. Kind of surprising numbers if you ask me. On the other side, Super Cam was well as advertised. Along with 7 turnovers, we saw the Panthers flourish. This Carolina team has silenced a majority of the haters.

Carolina looked really good on both sides of the ball. Denver looked good in defense and shaky on offense. It’s looking like a Super Cam Super Bowl and here’s why.

Unlike Tom Brady, Cam Newton is a mobile QB and can make major moves. The pass rush for Denver is unreal, but Cam can move lateral and vertically. That will be I think one of the big x-factors in this game. Newtons athleticism is something that Denver should be worried about. He will give them fits all day long.

I like the Carolina defense a lot, lot of spunk and versatility on that side of the ball. Keuchly and Davis manning the middle is something that should give Manning nightmares. A bonus with Keuchly is he can cover the pass too. Davis is no slouch in coverage either but is not as good as Cool Hand Luke. Oh and Josh Norman is also over there. He I would expect to cover Emmanuel Sanders. Making Sanders as big of a threat as well Heath Slater for the WWE Title.

What it comes down to is if Peyton can do what he does in the pre-Super Bowl. He’s had two chances at that second ring. And has come up empty in both those tries. Honestly he’s lucky he got to play Chicago the first time, otherwise he would have nothing.

My early prediction is Carolina in a blowout. But I will give Peyton credit he’s been here before. So as we stand I’ll ale Carolina 34-21. Close but no cigar for Denver.

As for Coldplay at halftime, I think we will be in para, para, paradise. I’m not a fan of Beyonce so she can kick rocks. And the commercials? Best buds all the way


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