WWE 2016 Royal Rumble Preview/Predictions

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The Road to Wrestlemania officially begins with the 29th annual Royal Rumble and for the second time in its history the WWE World Heavyweight Championship will be on the line. Winner take all. Roman Reigns is a targeted man as he defends his title against 29 of WWE finest. Now before I dive into my predictions for this year’s event, I want to remind the readers of how the last two Royal Rumbles ended: in 2013- WWE had pegged a returning 45 year old Batista to be the favorite, even though not a lot of fans really weren’t thrilled about his return, they hoped for Daniel Bryan who at the time was REDHOT in the middle of his YES movement. The 2014 edition is widely known as the worst received event in WWE history. The 2015 event saw a similar fan takeover as Roman Reigns won the main event. At the time, Reigns wasn’t the bad ass that he is today, many fans knew that he was the clear favorite to win the match, and when he won, they booed him so bad that Dwayne Johnson couldn’t even turn the crowd. That’s enough history lesson for now, let’s push forward. Here’s a breakdown of the matches.


WWE Network Pre-Show: Darren Young & Damien Sandow vs The Dudley Boyz(Bubba Ray and Devon) vs The Ascension(Viktor and Konnor) vs Mark Henry and Jack Swagger. Winning team gains entry into the Royal Rumble.

I usually miss the preshow. All of these guys have talent and are valuable parts of the roster. They should be in the rumble so I see a 4 way count out, but due to WWE logic, they will all make it to the main event.


Alberto Del Rio (c)  vs Kalisto for the United States championship.

Since Rey Mysterio left WWE in early 2015, WWE has been looking for its “superhero masked superstar” Kalisto is the fill to that void. He is fast, works a fresh lucha libre style and can talk on the microphone. And his mask has a dragons tail. (we love you, Asai.) Alberto DelRio gets a terrible rap in todays WWE. Delrio is a great performer, a natural competitor and was born to be a heel, but since his return has been having trouble gaining back the fans. I hope that these two put on a Great match that possibly sets up a big match feud leading into WrestleMania. Prediction-Alberto Del Rio via submission(cross arm breaker)


Becky Lynch Vs Charlotte (c) (with Ric Flair) for the WWE Divas championship.

Looking back at this rivalry, this could be the brightest moment during the “Divas Revolution (not to be seen on nXt) No gimmicks, no soap opera storylines, just a classic friends turn enemies over golden eyes. Charlotte is a natural in the ring, being the daughter of the G.O.A.T and its great to see charlotte take over as the “dirtiest diva in the game”, eventually stepping out of the shadows of The Nature Boy. Flame Haired Becky Lynch has been on the back burner of this revolution, being the loser of a lot of diva matches on Raw and Smackdown, which is a shame because she is incredible when given the chance to shine. She was trained by NXT champion Finn Balor. This is a start to build her up to be on a hot streak which will lead to a title, but I don’t see her winning at the rumble. Prediction– Becky Lynch via DQ, Charlotte retains the Divas title.


The New Day (Kofi Kingston, Big E, and or Xavier Woods) (c) vs The Usos (Jimmy and Jay)

Before we start, please a moment of silence for Francesca the Trombone.

The New Day is awesome. When Big E dances, children’s brains melt. They are making unicorns work in pro wrestling. Kofi Kingston is still one great talent, Xavier is an all-around future star, same with Big E. all these guys are finally having fun being themselves, and it shows in the ring. The Smark in me wants to see any member of The New Day win the Rumble and the title, just to gloat and drive the internet fans crazy. The Usos are Red hot, being out for a lot of 2015. Being brothers, they know the flow of each other as a tag team and are representing the Samoan blood that WWE was built on. Expect a very fast paced, big move match, but with a team turning from heel to face. Prediction-The New Day via three count victory, retains

Kevin Owens vs Dean Ambrose (c)- Last Man Standing match for the WWE Intercontinental Championship. This match could have the potential to be the match of the night, with two guys who are over as hell. Kevin Owens is the heel that WWE wishes guys like Sheamus would be. No remorse, kick your teeth in attitude reminiscent of 97’ Stone Cold, Owens is already a main event draw. Extremely well rounded, he is the perfect contender for the IC title. Ambrose is one of the company’s top stars as he continues to shine to his fullest extent within the limits of being a babyface. These two have had countless battles before on the Indy scene to they aren’t strangers to each other. This will be the hard hitting, spot filled match of the night, with the crowd getting involved heavily with a lot of “This is Awesome” chants. Owens and Ambrose will tear each other apart, sacrificing their own bodies just for the win. I really hope WWE has a smart finish to this Last Man Standing match, leave the duct tape in the back. John Cena defeated Batista at Extreme Rules 2010 by duct taping bastista feet to the corner post, a very lackluster finish. I see a lot of broken tables in the matchup between Ambrose and Owens. Prediction– Kevin Owens defeats Dean Ambrose to become the Intercontinental championship via knockout, Pop-up Powerbomb from the Spanish announce table through the main announce table.



30 Man Royal Rumble for the WWE WorldHeavyweight Championship.

Roman Reigns is a marked man, as he is set to enter the rumble with the number one entry. WWE has been pushing Roman up against the wall as the underdog champion but Reigns has been winning every match on tv. How can he be the underdog if he gets more wins than Randy Orton? So with that being said, I see Reigns loosing but of course not clean. If Triple H does make his return at the rumble, I would expect him to play into Romans elimination, they have some get distracted every year. But who is the one to eliminate the champ? Lesner. It’s got to be Brock. But I would also expect the Wyatt family to attack if Brock does win, leading to a feud match between Reigns and Bray for the right to face Lesner at WrestleMania for the title. But who know, that’s the beauty of the Royal Rumble; you never know. Prediction-Brock Lesner wins the Royal Rumble.


I think a lot of WWE fans are eagerly anticipating this rumble because of the rumored entrants this year. We have all read online about the signing of AJ Styles, what role will he play on Sunday? A great surprise would be Daniel Bryan, who would return to a very warm response from the crowd especially if he was number 30. I haven’t counted out John Cena to be a part of the rumble even if he doesn’t make it to the ring. Will nxt be present at the rumble? Samoa Joe, Finn Balor, a newly signed Austin Aries? How about some legends? X-Pac… maybe Tantaka? I’m always hoping for Skinner to return, with a big smile on his face happy to be back here at the Royal Rumble.


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