Leader In Green

Tonight the Celtics will take on Chicago and the new man Jimmy Butler. Which makes me wonder, where the hell is our superstar? We have plenty of options but none seem to rise to the occasion. Do we go out and find one? Or how about wait till next offseason? Or lastly wait till one emerges? Oh yeah and then there is the draft. Let’s take a look.

The first option is through a trade. A name that’s been out there is Demarcus Cousins. Boogie Cousins is a great guy to have come in especially because of the post presence. Yes we have Sully, but he’s a lot better than him. Is personality however is something to stray away from. He’s volatile and very pushy, a guy who may not be a total team player. Another name is Kevin Love. The “Love affair” in Cleveland has been a rocky one. Maybe if you flash a prospect like Terry Rozier at Cleveland they’d hop right to it.

Next offseason is the next idea. I believe Andre Drummond is available. I’m a big fan of this guy. Why? He’s not a boisterous hack like Cousins. He tends to keep quiet and does what he he to do when asked for it. I think if you had a low post of him and Amir Johnson that could be something lethal next season. Kevin Durant is also available. Yeah I know the chances him coming here are slim. But a guy can dream right?

The last option other than the draft, is wait for one of ours to grow. The two names that could really turn are Marcus Smart and Evan Turner. I believe we see a star in Smart more than Turner. Smart’s a guy who at OK State was a total game, with well an attitude problem. I’m not saying I want that exact Smart back but what if we got a variation? A Marcus Smart who is defensively sound and offensively fantastic, oh my word we have a star. Beside these two, obviously Isaiah Thomas is another name, trust me he’s a star but not a game changer. He’s more of add-on or a piece to the puzzle.

I mentioned the draft, yeah we really could get a star. Brandon Ingram is a name that sticks out. Another name is Buddy Heild. These two have proved they can provide big things to their respective programs. Well except remain as a player on the number 1 team in the country. With that unprotected pick, we could possibly see one of these two in Boston next season. Yeah and there’s also Ben Simmons. I was wrong, this guy is truly a top 5 pick. Maybe we steal him with that lottery pick.

Somethings bound to happen especially with Danny Ainge and Brad Stevens. They know they’re on the cusp of something big. Don’t forget names like RJ Hunter and Jordan Mickey. The new star is gonna have two of these guys to play with. Oh yeah there’s Jae Crowder too, come one new guy we are waiting for you.


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