Caps Chance To Capitalize

Decided to take a look at the best hockey market right now. That market you may be pondering? Washington DC? Why are they the best? Well I think it’s because of the firepower they have up front.

Alexander Ovechkin is playing like a man on a mission. A guy whose never been to the Cup looks like he’s on his way there this season. He’s got his 500 goals(probably more now I just don’t know the exact number). But Ovi is having an unreal season. He wants the elusive ring and he seriously could get it this season. He’s a major reason to why this Caps team is seemingly an unstoppable train.


The acquisition of TJ Oshie in the offseason in my opinion stole the show. Oshie, the hero of the Olympics, heads to the Nations capital. In the words of Biz Markie, “Oh baby you, you got what I need”. That’s what Oshie brought in for the Caps. He has been a huge factor not only in the offensive attack but the physical game as well. He doesn’t care who it is he’s a guy whose gonna bury you if he has the chance.

A name who is having himself a year is Evgeny Kuznetsov. The 23 year old Russian is having an unbelievable season, and his line has been a big piece of the offensive production. Playing with Mr Game 7 Justin Williams has made this kid a premier player. Williams is a guy who makes everyone around him a better player. And he’s doing it with this young guy right here.

Speaking of additions, Justin Williams(preseason add-on) has been stellar for them. He truely gives them a sense of second line depth they have had since Mike Knuble. He’s filled the void also left after the trade of Troy Brouwer. The other addition I loved was Mike Richards. Richards, former two time Cup winner in LA, was let go after some allegations of drug use. Well Richards has a new home in DC and also on their fourth line. He’s not only a checker but also can pot 15-20 goals when needed.

The Caps D has really picked it up too since the injury to John Carlson. I never thought Matt Niskanen was a top line guy. But well he has totally proved me wrong since the Carlson injury. Dmitry Orlov is a guy to watch in the new future too. They’re going to want to lock him up with a contract sometime he’s got some skill. Karl Alzner is the hard nosed guy on the backend. He’s the one whose not afraid to mix it up and defend his players in time of need.

Brayden Holtby can be incredible at times but at other inconsistent at others. This season Holtby have been really good. A Vezina candidate, Holtby needs to have a big playoff this time around. He fell apart against the Rangers last season. Consistency is this guys problem, but when you have the firepower who needs it. Am I right? Well no.

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They’ll run into some big tests down the road. Pittsburgh, Boston and Philadelphia will be coming for them if one if them is to get in as a wildcard team. The team inside their division to watch for is the Islanders. I think they have enough firepower to match them. The Ranger have been known to get in their heads too so that’s another thing to note.

Right now the Caps are the favorite and they are rightfully so. They have been just unbelievable this season. They could finally bring that ring to the storied career of Ovi. But if they don’t, it could be finally be time to dish the one who wears the 8.


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