People always argue that Tom Brady is the best QB of all time. I am included in this arguing. But another question has popped into my head.

Is he the Best Player to ever pay the game at any position?

Tom defines the person who you want to be your leader. He’s skilled, smart, passionate, hard working, aggressive. The adjectives could go on and on.
As the Patriots prepare for their 5th straight conference game, Tom will be entering his tenth. With a win, he has a chance for not only back to back Super Bowl wins but his 5th overall.

Already 4 rings, a 5th would just add too his great career. So let’s look at his accomplishments.

He is the Patriots all time leader in passing TDs, yards, completions, attempts, career wins and games played. He is also a 2 time NFL MVP, 3 time Super Bowl MVP, and a 11-time pro bowler.
Brady, too accomplish what he did this year at age 38, proves how great this man is. Just think he was a 6th round pick.

The question of BEST OF ALL TIME is always going to argued. However, whether the question is Best QB or BEST to EVER put on a helmet, Thomas Patrick Edward Brady deserves his name on the list. 


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