The New Birdman

Ding ding ding we have a winner. That winner of the Eagles coaching sweepstakes is a man named Doug Pederson. I know very little about our new coach named Doug. But I’m not sure if I’m board quite yet.

What I like about this guy is something that happened back in 2011. When he was the ouster backs coach, the Eagles set a franchise record with 6,386 yards. So it looks like he knows how to work with the man slinging the ball. Look what he did with Alex Smith, not too shabby numbers, three years with him and over 3,000 passing yards. He also coached Jamaal Charles to that career year a few seasons back. Once again, that ain’t too shabby.

But is he Andy Reid version 2? He did get high praise from the former Birds coach. Even to the point(supposedly) that Reid gave him the “stamp of approval” to the Eagles front office.

I mean this guy used to play the QB position and was the backup for Bret Favre for many years. That’s not a bad thing at all. Maybe he can connect with Sammy B for some big career move. Unless he comes in and drafts oh I don’t know Conner Cook. Something I’m not opposed to. He will utilize DeMarco 100 TIMES BETTER than Chip.

Maybe we are overreacting. But I still think Howie Roseman hates Eagles fans. Come on Jeffrey Laurie fire him. This guy is just an idiotic yes man, and he hates us all!!

There’s also talk of Jim Schwartz coming in and coaching the defense. Remember Jim Schwartz the fiery coach who kinda resembled a pissed off puppy? Yeah that guy, a guy who actually would be a good coach here. Also where does Pat Shurmur go from here? Brad Childress is the name for the offensive coordinator, this leaving Shurmur out of a job. I don’t mind Childress, but I just don’t know to be quite honest.

I don’t know anymore. Part of me loves the hire. Part of me wants to cry and listen to really depressing music. But until we play a game, the only place to go is up I guess.

Fly Eagles Fly.


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