UFC: What To Look For

2016 should be a banner year for the UFC and Dana White. Multiple major title fights and let’s not forget UFC 200. Oh man oh man, let’s look at this year a bit closer.

Is there a more controversial name than Conor McGregor? Absolutely not. The Notorious Conor McGregor will fight Raphael Dos Anjos in a dual title fight. Both belts on the line! You get a belt and you get a belt. I’m a big McGregor fan but Dos Anjos is (cue the Stephen A. Smith) A BAD MAN. This fight will not go to decision and if it does, well I look stupid

Holly Holm is another one to watch. She beat the bag out of Ronda and will probably do the same to Miesha Tate. Call Cyborg Santos too, I’d be willing to put a lump sum on Holly Holm, pure power from this woman. She could be the most unstoppable woman in the company.

Look in my eyes what do you see? Well you see a CM Punk fan. And guess what Punk will make his debut in 2016, against who? Hell no one knows but Dana White. I’m not saying Punks gonna win a belt, because he’s old and inexperienced he will have probably a handful of fights. But it’s gonna be cool to see him actually in a fight like this.

Jon “Bones” Jones WILL be making a return to the octagon. I need this fight the most. He was the face of the company then the legal trouble began and we lost a major player. Jones is back and is a changed man. It should be interesting when he fights for the belt how green he is. He’s been out of the game for quite a bit, he’s gonna need to train like Rocky trained for Drago. But he will most likely win that belt back.

We need major major MAJOR fights. I’m not talking big names but I’m talking SUPER FIGHTS. For the UFC to have a huge year we need at least 3-5 of these fights this year. Cross-divisional fights, Heavyweight against Light Heavyweight. Welterweight against Lightweight. These fights are exciting and put butts in seats. First one is McGregor-Dos Anjos. But after that there’s nothing. BARTENDER! GIVE ME JACK.

That’s what I want/need to see this year from the UFC. So let’s hope we get it, fat chance, but we can only hope.


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