Divisional Round Delight

3 wins and 1 loss last week on my picks, not bad considering I picked basically all the favorites as well Washington. But this week is a new slate so let’s just see if we get the upset of the big blowout.

First a quick recap of the Wildcard games. KC went into Houston and laughed in their faces, putting up a 30 spot. Seattle won on a bit of luck from a missed 27 yard field goal. Green Bay came from behind and then won in convincing fashion. And Cincy did what Cincy does best and choke in prime time.

Let’s start at Mile High with Pittsburgh traveling to take on Denver. Big Ben, as well as Antonio Brown, will probably play at anything but 100%. Denver took the bye last week and got healthy. Denver has a great pass rush with Miller and aware off the ends. I like Denver solely based off the health and question marks around Ben and Brown.
Denver 31-14

KC plays at New England in what should be an interesting matchup. First time the two have met since the blowout on MNF last season. KC has won 11 in a row and New England has looked like well anything but themselves. The matchup that intrigues me is KC’s pass rush and NE’s offensive line. You cannot let Justin Houston and Tamba Hali get to Brady. Jeremy Maclin may also be out on the other side of the ball for KC. My next thing is how will the two teams cover the monster tight ends. Kelce and Gronk are well monsters. I really think KC has a punchers chance but Brady gets his trip to Denver in the end.
New England 27-24

Now to the NFC, Seattle heads to Carolina in what should be the game of the weekend. Yeah I really like this game. This is Newtons time to put up or shut up. Seriously if Carolina doesn’t win, then this season for this is a fluke. Seattle is on fire right now and that defense is playing as it should. I think I like the road team this week, Seattle is riding the hot hand. They’ll be in Super Cams head big time.
Seattle 37-21

Green Bay heads to Arizona, in a rematch of a 30 point blowout. Arizona is arguably the team to beat in the NFC because of how they play. Green Bay I think will struggle especially with the speed of the Arizona offense. Rodgers will have a game late but it’ll be too little too late. I like Arizona in a close one.
Arizona 24-14

Those are my picks and I’m sticking to them. I’m 3-1 right now, and well I’ll look for the 4-0 marker again this week.


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